5 Reasons Your Website Needs Schema Markup

The internet is brimming with information. Search engines can find answers to a search query in seconds. In short, information has never been more accessible than it is now. However, with the millions of websites that exist, the internet can become congested with data, and it can be difficult for your brand to remain visible to your targeted audience on search engine result pages (SERPs). Websites need to use well-executed schema markup to increase their search engine readability. Here are five reasons your brand’s website needs schema markup.

Schema markup improves results on SERPs

Schema markup was created to provide a universal standard of keywords to make it easier for search engines to read and understand information on website pages and make them appear on SERPs for relevant searches. Skilled implementation of schema markup makes your brand’s website pages simple for search engines to read and return for higher results on SERPs.  

Schema markup helps raise brand awareness

If your brand’s website pages earn higher rankings on SERPs for more relevant searches, your business becomes more discoverable, accessible and shareable for your targeted audiences. As a result, your brand gets in front of more potential customers to expands its digital presence, earn more visibility and increase brand awareness.  

Schema markup helps build authority for your brand

The higher your website pages rank on SERPs, the more credibility your brand receives. Using schema markup on website pages makes it possible for search engines to return useful and accurate results to searchers, which builds domain authority. More authority on specific searches gives your brand a competitive edge over similar, searchable websites.

Schema markup increases organic traffic to your site

Since schema markup gives your website pages visibility for specific and relevant keywords, your website earns increased clicks and higher-quality traffic to your website. Earning more clicks to your business’s website pages increases your brand’s website traffic from that specific search result to further increase your brand authority and visibility on SERPs.

Schema markup helps you rank for featured snippets

Strategic implementation of schema markup on website pages results in featured snippets. These are explicit callouts that summarize a user’s query often displaying a paragraph, list, or table. Featured snippets contain more information and earn more visibility on search engines to increase clicks and brand accessibility. Your brand needs to use schema markup to earn a featured snippet for key searches and drive more traffic to your website.

In a digital-first world, the market is always changing and your brand’s website needs schema markup to remain competitive for targeted search queries. Make sure your brand wins top visibility on SERPs with strategic schema markup.

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