The Facts About Local SEO

Millions of internet users search local businesses in their area each day to find quick and convenient results for their search queries. Businesses need strategic local SEO implementation to ensure their website pages rank on search engines for target keywords and phrases, build business credibility and awareness, and maximize visibility to local customers. Well-executed local SEO can help your brand position itself on search engine results pages (SERPs) so that your local audience can find your business easier and faster than ever before. Here are a few facts your team needs to know about local SEO.

Local SEO propels local sales

When users search for a specific product or service, business location is the most common piece of information users are looking for. There is a strong correlation between local searches, local business visits, and business sales. Now more than ever before, SEO implementation has the power to not only position a business on SERPs, but also to drive its sales.

Mobile searches for local businesses are continuing to grow

In the era of smartphones, mobile searches are continually on the rise. In fact, mobile searches are more likely to drive local business visits within 24 hours than desktop searches. Accordingly, businesses need to optimize their mobile search strategies to earn top visibility for audiences on the go.

Online business reviews affect your local SEO

The voice and the opinion of a business’s customers matter now more than ever before. Search engines factor in local reviews when ranking website pages on SERPs. The more positive reviews your business has online, the more visibility your website receives for local search queries.

Link building improves your local SEO

Links also help enhance your local SEO and improving your brand’s website visibility. Backlinking from other local businesses, bloggers, newspapers, or other associations plays a factor in how search engines read the content on your website. The more backlinks your website has, the more search engines recognize your website as a credible source of information.

Google is the dominant search engine for local queries

Google dominates the market for searches per day in comparison to other search engines. Fortunately for businesses, Google has integrated different programs brands can utilize to improve their local SEO such as maps, knowledge graphs, easy contact information, and reviews and testimonials. Your business needs to take advantage of these tools to make your website is visible on SERPs for users seeking out local businesses.

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