Digital Marketing Stats––The Influence of SERP Results

Every good business knows that rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs) matter. The internet is congested with data and endless sources of information, and the amount of internet searches each year is steadily increasing. To put it in perspective, on average, Google alone processes over 40,000 search queries per second. This ever-growing amount of search queries paired with the surplus of information readily available make it challenging to ensure your brand receives top visibility on SERPs. However, your brand needs to win these spots to continuously grow your business and expand your reach. Read on to understand the influence of SERP results.

SERP results impact website traffic

The higher your website pages appear on SERPs, the more visibility your website receives. When your website page appears in one of the top spots for a specific search query, the more recognition your brand receives and the chances of attracting website traffic to your site drastically increases. The highest rankings for certain keywords see the highest levels of organic traffic to those website pages.

SERP results increase website credibility

Websites that land in the top spots for specific searches not only attract more clicks, but they also earn increased levels of credibility. A website page that lands at the top of a SERP automatically gains more authority on that specific search topic than the website pages below it. Accordingly, top websites earn more clicks, which only further improves a brand’s credibility for targeted search terms.

SERP results create stronger audiences

Gaining insight into your target audience’s behaviors and interests allows your brand to create personalized and compelling relationships with your customers. Likewise, understanding what your target audience’s needs are and which keywords and phrases they search for gives your business the ability to rank for these specific keywords. When your brand’s website page appears as one of the top results for relevant search terms, your website receives more clicks from stronger audiences who are looking for the services your brand offers. Subsequently, higher SERP results organically curate a stronger audience for your brand.

Understanding the power of SERP results can create unending opportunities for your business if you’re willing to do the work to maintain visibility on search engines. Bearpaw Partners is the best digital marketing agency in the Atlanta area equipped with SEO experts who are not only willing to put in the work to improve your brand’s SERP rankings, but we excel at it. For us, there is no second best. We are proud of our ability to collaborate with your team to build an unbeatable digital presence. In the market for a digital marketing agency? Let’s work together!

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