5 Services You Should Look for in a Digital Marketing Agency

A digital marketing agency should be able to effectively communicate and market your business to your customers across all channels. The digital marketing agency you choose should excel in technical, creative and analytical services. This overall expertise is needed in order to develop your business’s digital footprint and provide your business with result-based insights to improve your ranking on search engines, ultimately growing the connection with your customers. Here are five services you should look for when choosing a digital marketing agency to tell your brand’s story.

Your Digital Marketing Agency Service Checklist:

1. Digital strategy

The agency you choose to escalate your brand recognition on digital platforms should be a full-service digital marketing agency that is proficient in transforming your ideas into online masterpieces. With those online masterpieces, the intent should always be to move a lead down the funnel towards the ultimate goal – a conversion.

Select an agency that is committed to driving those leads down the funnel through analytics, advertising, CRM and email campaigns. Starting from general awareness, every step in a user’s journey to convert needs to be considered and optimized for. A good digital marketing agency works closely with you to strategize and build that lead flow with a brand-centric approach.

2. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Maximize your brand’s visibility by partnering with a digital marketing agency that can effectively improve your page rankings on search engines through skilled SEO implementation. Higher page rankings lead to increased clicks and more organic traffic to your website to spark more conversations and expand your brand’s impact.

Ensure your brand maintains top visibility by collaborating with a digital marketing agency that offers technical SEO and skilled semantic search services. Great content only becomes influential if it is seen.

3. Original content creation

A digital marketing agency should have the skills to create compelling, shareable, on-brand original content to set your business apart from the competition. Original content drives traffic, builds customer loyalty and develops a brand’s online presence in a way that speaks to your audience and resonates with your customers.

The majority of brands are all over the digital landscape, creating a never-ending compilation of content that you have to compete with. Whether it’s through PPC (pay-per-click) ad campaigns or organic SEO content, a digital marketing agency should have the expertise to generate unique content that expands your brand’s digital impact and sets you apart.

4. Website development and design

Your business needs a cutting-edge website that connects your customers to your brand with stunning, user-optimized interfaces. The digital marketing agency you choose should offer website development and design capabilities to represent your brand online with skilled UX/UI functionalities that entice and retain visitors.

Select an agency that can build your brand a high quality, fully-responsive website with clean, simple web design to optimize your user’s experience and elevate your brand. Begin to think of your website as your online business card or elevator pitch. Does it represent your brand like it should?

5. Social media marketing (SMM)

The relationships you develop with your audience are essential to your brand’s success. Choose a digital marketing agency that has specialized social media marketing capabilities to build connections and captivate curiosity with your customers.

Intentional social media marketing strategies lead to an increase in brand recognition and customer loyalty, higher conversion rates, and growth in website traffic. Every demographic is represented on social media today and is actively looking for new, fresh social content to capture their interest. You need to make sure your brand is present and active for those potential customers.

Bearpaw Partners is a full-service digital marketing agency in Atlanta that can propel your brand’s online presence, optimize your reach and stay ahead of the competition. Our digital marketing philosophy is simple––we work with your brand to turn your ideas into a compelling digital presence that tells your brand’s story and turns customers into fans. Looking for a digital marketing agency to escalate your brand? Let’s talk!

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