Technical SEO: What You Need To Know

Our digital-first climate requires brands to stay up-to-date with search engine-friendly content to maintain top visibility for relevant keywords and search queries. Search engine optimization is a technique businesses use to make their websites easier to find for searches and easier to read for search engines. SEO contains on-page, off-page, and technical optimization methods that contribute to the overall readability and discoverability of the pages within a website. To stay competitive, your brand needs to use all three forms of optimization strategies. Specifically, technical SEO can help your brand maximize its website’s usability and earn higher rankings from search engines and crawling and indexing. Read on to discover how technical SEO can elevate your brand’s online presence.

What is technical SEO?

While on-page SEO primarily contains content optimization with heavy, strategic use of keywords and phrases, technical SEO includes the aspects of optimization that affect search engines’ ability to crawl and index a business’s site. Search engines give preferential treatment on search engine result pages (SERP)s to websites that are easier to read and translate through the use of certain technical aspects. This form of SEO considers these contributing factors to make sure a website earns top visibility for relevant search queries.

What does the technical SEO process entail?

Technical SEO requires a thorough process to gain valuable insight, influence your digital marketing efforts, and meet your brand’s goals. SEO experts use advanced technology to discover and strategize technical efforts that will bring your brand higher visibility on SERPs. Technical SEO processes consider aspects such as making sure your website is equipped with a safe, secure, and fast connection for a seamless customer experience, eliminating duplicate content to win more traffic, and ensuring every aspect of your brand’s website is crawlable.

When your brand works with Bearpaw Partners, you can be sure your business receives extensive technical SEO efforts to increase your website authority for relevant searches. Our experts offer technical SEO services that will maximize your digital marketing impact such as:

  • Website loading speed time- examples include server response time, minimizing Javascript and CSS, and setting a browser caching policy.
  • Website functionality-examples include search-friendly URLs, easily indexed content, and crawl budget strategy
  • Technical optimization-examples include duplicate content elimination, broken link redirects and replacements, and structured data implementation

How can technical SEO optimize your digital marketing strategy?

Technical SEO enhances website usability and functionality to create an unbeatable online presence. When your brand incorporates advanced technical SEO into your website development strategy, you can be confident that your visitors receive powerful user experiences every time they visit your site, search engines can effectively crawl and index the information on your site pages, and your business sees valuable results. With the best technical SEO strategy, your business can improve website performance, gain higher credibility with SERPs, and drive more traffic.

The more effectively and accurately a search engine can crawl and index your site, the better it can understand the content on your page and the higher rankings your website earns for valuable searches. When it comes to technical SEO, Bearpaw Partners has you covered.

Looking for a talented digital marketing agency to set your brand apart from the competition? Bearpaw Partners is a full-service digital marketing agency in Atlanta that can propel your brand’s online presence, optimize your reach and stay ahead of the competition. Our digital marketing philosophy is simple––we work with your brand to turn your ideas into a compelling digital presence that tells your brand’s story and turns customers into fans. Looking for a digital marketing agency to escalate your brand? Let’s talk!

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