Five Effective Strategies for Lead Nurturing

What is Lead Nurturing?

Though lead generation is an effective technique to maximize a business’s ROI, digital marketing relies on a broad range of services to elevate a brand’s identity. Whether B2C or B2B marketing, your brand must also nurture leads throughout the sales funnel to optimize your marketing strategies and drive more sales. Lead nurturing is the cultivation and development of potential buyers through all stages of the sales funnel. The best digital marketing agencies work closely with you and your brand to understand your target market and implement personalized, calculated lead nurturing efforts to promote higher conversion rates and boost sales.

Lead Nurturing Tactics

The most successful lead nurturing ventures involve consistent and strategic focus across several platforms in a timely manner. By establishing a deeper and more personalized connection with your leads, your business will see an increase in efficiency and conversion rates. Below are five effective nurturing tactics specific to lead marketing.

Multi-channel Marketing

Over the years, consumers have become accustomed and almost immune to email blasts and other generic lead nurturing strategies. Email open rates are often low, which indicates a need for a fresher, more innovative approach. Multi-channel marketing involves the combination of several different platforms and methods to facilitate a dynamic, all-encompassing outreach. With a healthy blend of email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, display advertising, and retargeting, your business increases the likelihood of conveying your brand message to prospects at all stages of the sales cycle.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a methodology that enables the prioritization of prospects by ranking their value, which makes for more efficient lead nurturing. Lead scoring systems differ from business to business, as the criteria that make for a valuable lead is often specific to the brand. The most common influences of lead scores are lead sources, browsing behaviors, email clicks and opens, and social media interactions. An accomplished digital marketing agency knows what indicators to look for to ensure that your leads are nurtured accordingly.  

Strategically Targeted Content

Understanding the distinct buyer personas is crucial to maximizing your ROI. By implementing strategically targeted content tailored to each of your ideal prospects, your brand message resonates with more potential buyers. Examples of tailored content include landing pages, display ads, social media content, and retargeted ads. The best digital marketing agencies work with you and your brand to guarantee that your content appeals to all of the buyer personas in your target market.

Multiple Marketing Touches

Today’s fast-paced digital marketplace is buyer-driven, which means that prospects expect to be contacted, and businesses are meant to compete with one another to earn their business. Statistically, the leads that close are “touched” or contacted upwards of ten times during the sales process. With the help of a knowledgeable digital marketing agency, your business can automate your lead marketing using a blend of strategic email, social media, and content marketing tactics to consistently address buyer concerns and hesitations.

Prompt Response Time

The moment a lead is created is the moment that a lead needs to be nurtured. Research shows that leads are far more likely to convert when contacted immediately after completing a call-to-action than they are later in the sales funnel. By partnering with a capable digital marketing agency, your business gains access to cutting-edge tools and analytics that enable prompt response times, effective outreach, and streamlined interactions with the highest quality leads.   

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