Six Reasons Google Tag Manager Is Essential for Marketers

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free tag management system capable of housing all other tagging platforms in one centralized location. This streamlined program allows marketers a comprehensive and organized system to collect user interaction tags that are capable of integrating with future projects and data analytics. With GTM implementation you can establish a more precise data collection process and refine your online optimization strategies.

GTM Houses Data From Multiple Analytics Tools

With multiple codes and page manipulations, the consolidation of analytic tools can be difficult and time-consuming. GTM accounts for future application upgrades and simplifies the conversion process of multiple analytics tools by making modifications through the platform itself instead of each page on a brand’s website. While implementing all your existing tags and data analytics into GTM can seem daunting, once the transition is made to GTM, new tag implementations and upgrades will be quick and seamless.

GTM Maximizes Tagging Capabilities

While GTM is capable of accommodating easy code insertion, expert digital agencies can leverage the platform’s full capabilities for the most complex usability and optimized online presence. The duality of GTM allows brands to enact simple standardized tags as well as implement advanced integrations and customizations all within the same working space.

GTM Facilitates More Versatile Changes

GTM offers time-effective triggers with standardized naming formats to facilitate a simplified tagging system for faster and more versatile site-wide changes. With built-in triggers, your team can easily test new changes and track clicks, form submissions, and user engagement.  

GTM’s Built-In Features Prevent Mistakes Before Launching

With GTM implementation, brands gain access to built-in debugging features to anticipate possible technical issues before website pages are published. Accordingly, brands with GTM integration can preview live content and then modify, adapt, or fix any presentation issues before the public visits the website.

GTM Generates More Relevant Data

Generic pageview and session duration tracking can be manipulated or skewed by consumer actions that don’t result in a transaction. GTM generates the most relevant data, such as specific event-based triggers, to gain more insight into your user journey and increase conversion rates.

GTM Facilitates Organization and Collaboration

GTM promotes accountability and organization by documenting specific changes, including who made them, what changes were made, and when the changes occurred, in archived versions of your brand’s website. Additionally, GTM offers internal management capabilities for straightforward delegation of specific tags across multiple teams.

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