4 Tips to Optimize Title Tags for Improved SEO

What are title tags?

Title tags, sometimes known as page titles, are integral factors for a successful business’s web ranking and visibility. Title tags are the clickable blue text that appears on search engine results pages (SERPs), and when correctly optimized, they can establish a significant difference between a brand and its competitors. The best brands utilize title tags to notably and effectively convey the content and purpose of a specific web page on their company site. Your business must work with an experienced digital marketing agency who understands how to properly optimize your title tags to boost organic traffic and guide your target consumers to relevant, valuable website pages. Below are four tips to help your title tags set your brand apart from your competition.    

Find the appropriate length for your title tags

With too short of a title, the tag risks a lack of information, which results in an unappealing or incomplete message. With too long of a title, the tag runs the risk of being cut short before the message is adequately conveyed. Your brand needs to identify the sweet spot, typically between 45-60 characters, to captivate and entice users with complete and relevant text. Skilled title tag optimization requires a digital agency with experience in crafting concise, strategic copy to distinguish your web pages from the clutter.   

Write your title tags for your target market

While title tags are beneficial for SEO value, it’s important to remember that attracting the ideal customer is the first priority. Title tags may be a consumer’s first interaction with your brand, and it’s imperative to make a lasting impression. Top digital agencies know how to write engaging title tags that provide an accurate, positive message that stands out to your specific target market. 

Include your brand in your title tags

Successful marketing initiatives often utilize repeat exposure and include the brand name at the end of all of their website’s title tags. This consistency helps your brand resonate with users and search engines, which increases awareness and visibility over time. Additionally, accomplished businesses with a strong brand name should take advantage of this recognition to capture consumers at all different stages of the sales funnel and improve click rates. Expert SEO agencies augment awareness through tailored title tags and persistent brand association. 

Place important keywords first in your title tags

Keywords near or at the beginning of title tags provide more SEO value for search engines, which helps to raise a brand’s position on SERPs. Additionally, your business needs to place keywords at the forefront of title tags to improve the user’s search for valuable information. A well-versed digital marketing agency knows how to intelligently implement keywords in your brand’s title tags to maximize traffic and increase SERP rankings. 

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