Digital Marketing: A Guide to Lead Generation

Successful lead generation uses a variety of tools to ensure predictable, measurable, and dependable growth. This is accomplished by using incentivizing marketing tactics to develop interest further, educate your leads, and encourage them to purchase. The best lead generation services should be tailored to your brand’s goals and your ideal audience’s interests to effectively attract prospective customers, improve conversion rates, and maximize your business’s return on investment (ROI). Below, we dive into detail regarding growing your business through lead generation in digital marketing.


Landing Pages

Sometimes referred to as a “lead capture page,” a landing page is an isolated webpage designed to inform prospects and incentivize them to formally express interest. Landing pages help your digital marketing strategy to provide exclusive, informative detail on your products and services. Excellent landing page content that generates a vast amount of leads portrays your brand voice, builds trust, and develops the relationship between you and your clients. A succinct, appealing offer on your landing page entices the visitors to submit their information and express a readiness to buy. Bearpaw Partners’ creative website designers create strategic landing pages with compelling design and attention-grabbing visuals to generate as many interested, qualified leads as possible. 

Cultivate Interest

Your business needs creative landing pages that elaborate on your products or services using enticing, powerful copy, and stunning design. Useful landing pages provide further detail on the products, which develops interest and answers any remaining questions.

Display Value

Generating leads for your business requires an offer that presents a benefit to potential customers. The best landing pages provide clear and concise value by making an appealing proposition in exchange for the prospects’ information. 

Gather Valuable Data

Landing pages are the most useful platforms to host data capture forms to generate the leads themselves. Impressive forms immediately grab the attention of the visitor and efficiently gather pertinent information to create the lead and continue the sales process. The most successful forms make the prospect want to click “submit” with stimulating colors, fonts, and copy. 

Bearpaw Partners’ expert designers use innovative CTAs and creative landing pages to nurture the prospects’ interest further and turn curiosity into quality leads. We apply years of experience to effectively relate to your target audience through the use of cutting-edge techniques and analytics. Our talented team provide your business with all-original, inventive landing pages to convey a fresh representation of your brand and its value. Bearpaw Partners’ stunning design and enthralling content can generate an abundance of interested, qualified leads for your brand.    


Organic Social Media

Organic social media is any free activity on a social platform aimed at driving a result. The strongest brands use organic social media to introduce their brand message, heighten engagement, and manage their clientele. Effective organic social outreach utilizes these flourishing, cost-effective tools to improve discoverability and generate leads. The creative social media experts at Bearpaw Partners have extensive familiarity with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and more. We work with you to implement strategic, enticing organic social media activity to maximize consumer engagement and create a community of potential customers. 

Establish Brand Awareness

The best organic social media marketing strategies take full advantage of the free services already available to establish brand awareness and generate leads. Through expertly designed posts across distinct social media platforms, your marketing efforts reach exponentially more consumers, which gives your brand a better chance to resonate with prospects that are more inclined to buy. 

Increase Engagement

Capitalizing on organic social media advertising means getting the most engagement possible. By creating compelling content and eye-catching visuals, you increase consumer interaction to boost overall interest. Comments, likes, shares, and reposts help to identify leads and generate potential customers. 

Manage Your Core Community

Brands with a strong organic social media presence manage their consumers and followers through constant monitoring and interaction. With active and timely responses, real-time analytics, and two-way engagement, you create a sense of community around your brand and expand your reach to increase referrals and new lead generation.

Bearpaw Partners uses top-notch research and analytics to choose the best platform to generate leads from your business’s organic social media. Our organic social media gurus help your business get the most out of the social marketplace by maximizing engagement and producing measurable increases in lead generation. Bearpaw Partners works with you to establish further brand awareness, manage your social media profiles, and make it easier to directly interact with your clients, which provides an increase in satisfaction and broadens your pool of potential customers. Through organic social media advertising, we target your ideal consumers and generate an influx of interested, ready-to-convert leads. 


Paid Social Media

Paid social media is any form of social media advertising that is boosted and backed by monetized promotion. This includes boosted posts, lead generation forms, sponsored advertisements, video advertisements, and more. Through a combination of paid social media ads and organic social media marketing, your brand can elevate your digital identity and establish a dominant social media presence. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest all offer different avenues for paid social media implementation. Bearpaw Partners knows which methods and platforms best fit each type of business and each style of marketing campaign. By appealing to a specific target audience on the appropriate channel using top-notch research and experience, Our team utilizes paid social media to directly spark the interest of relevant, valuable users, which promotes extremely high-quality lead generation and strengthens conversion. 

Tell Your Story

Utilizing paid social media gives marketers complete control over the content, ad format, style of engagement, and reach, allowing your brand to tell a specific, personalized story. Paid social activity promotes your ads and stories to the right viewers. This presents your brand with the best opportunity to make an impact and resonate with your target audience to generate valuable, interested leads. 

Amplify Original Content

Paid social media allows advertisers to reach millions of viewers with a single ad. By boosting an ad and backing it with paid promotion, your business is able to optimize activity and expand brand awareness to significantly increases lead quality and volume.

Target Specific Demographics

Paid social marketing places your ads directly in front of specific, targeted audiences to increase the number of valuable consumers that see, share, discuss, and discover your brand. By leveraging analytics and high-level targeting within the ideal social platforms, paid social ads produce optimal spikes in lead generation with trackable results. 

The team of social media experts at Bearpaw Partners utilize paid social to connect with the most valuable users, invoke their curiosity, and drive instant results. We work closely with you to understand your brand’s ambitions and customize your paid social media campaign to fit your needs. Through years of experience, we’ve gained the necessary knowledge to thoroughly analyze paid social media results and optimize your marketing campaign to reach your desired goals. Bearpaw Partners uses powerful design concepts and impactful language to get the most out of your paid social ads to maximizes targeted lead generation and increases conversion.


Content Marketing

Content marketing fills your web and landing pages with helpful, informative copy regarding your business’s products and services. The most effective content marketing strategies implement relevant SEO keywords and authoritative information that search engines hold in high regard to increase your business’s visibility on search engine page results (SERP). Higher rankings on search engines attain more valuable, inquisitive, and interested visitors. The genius content strategists at Bearpaw Partners craft intriguing, informational, and on-brand content optimized for search engines. We work with your business to ensure your content marketing strategy encapsulates your brand’s message to attract consumers and build a pipeline of legitimate, high-quality leads. 

Enhance Discoverability

Effective content marketing is your business’s digital foundation and situates your services as the answer to consumer research. Through strategic SEO and informative copy, your content marketing enhances the visibility and discoverability of your brand, which increases lead volume and raises revenue. 

Provide a Unique Outlook

Your content marketing should provide viewers with a differentiating and unique experience to spark interest in your products and services. The use of constructive, intriguing content sets your brand apart and distinguishes you from the competition, which makes consumers more likely to fill out your lead generation form as opposed to others. 

Captivate Prospects

Great content marketing generates leads by enhancing the overall perception of your business through the use of a bold and distinct brand voice and compelling stories. By captivating visiting prospects, your content maintains user focus and provides the necessary information to turn them into a quality lead. 

Bearpaw Partners works diligently to ensure that your brand’s story is told the right way. By enhancing your discoverability with content optimized for search engines, we attract a larger pool of interested leads while simultaneously increasing conversion rates. We make sure that every piece of content marketing is compelling, on-brand, and unique to improve the quality of potential customers. The content specialists at Bearpaw Partners know that only the best content captivates your target audience and gets read, shared, and promoted at a higher volume, which amplifies consumer engagement and puts leads in your pipeline. 


Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective methods of lead generation. The best brands utilize email for brand awareness, product releases, changes in service, promotional offers, thank you messages, or simply staying in touch with their customers. The expert digital marketers at Bearpaw Partners craft powerful email marketing campaigns that consist of magnificent design, innovative subject lines, and riveting CTAs that draw the attention of targeted consumers and produce leads that convert. We work with you and your brand to understand who the ideal consumers are and how best to reach them to generate optimal outcomes. 

Boost Brand Awareness

Email marketing provides large quantities of interested consumers with thought-provoking concepts and important updates. By successfully executing well-timed, optimized email campaigns, your business can expand the reach of your voice and provide up-to-date content to a broad spectrum of prospects, which helps to promote referrals and generate business. A wide reach means more leads. 

Promote Incentives

Through stunning layouts and energized content, your business’s email marketing can offer additional incentives or special promotions. This helps consumers to see the value in becoming a part of your brand and turns subscribers into high-quality leads that are ready to convert. 

Connect with Your Audience

Email marketing is a great way to provide your subscribers with personalized, engaging content that makes them feel part of your brand’s community. By creating a connection with your target audience, your email marketing develops brand loyalty and generates leads with high return rates. 

Bearpaw Partners use expertise and experience to create strong email marketing campaigns that deliver results. Our email marketing experts compartmentalize your subscribers to make it easier to target specific segments of your audience at any given time. We work directly with your business to expand your base of subscribers by boosting brand awareness, promoting additional incentives, and personally connecting with your brand’s community. By combining these tactics with inventive subject lines, enthralling content, and strategically embedded forms, Bearpaw Partners drives lead generation and fills your pipeline with superior prospects.


Video Marketing

Video marketing takes your brand’s lead generation efforts up a notch, as it is one of the most powerful advertising tools to advance a message and engage your target audience. Through emotion-evoking visuals and breath-taking production, video marketing has the ability to make an impact and help your brand resonate with a specifically targeted audience. Bearpaw Partners utilizes several platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, AWS and more to promote lead generation through webinars, documentaries, and other types of video marketing. The video marketing experts at Bearpaw Partners use their design skills to create captivating videos with eye-catching annotations and clever CTAs to prompt interaction, which helps generate leads. 

Make an Impact

Effective video marketing conveys a powerful message and provokes conversation and dialogue to expand the reach of your brand. The best video marketing strategies greatly impact the target audience through dynamic, alluring visuals, and compels viewers to take action.

Educate Consumers

Video marketing provides a method to inform consumers about your product or service as well as increase brand awareness. By educating consumers, your video marketing efforts help to produce well-informed leads that are more likely to convert.

Encourage Initiative

Successful video marketing works to increase lead generation by encouraging initiative and strategically prompting viewers to become leads. Your videos should spark interest and offer links to landing pages or your website where prospects can fill out a lead generation form and express an interest in learning more or buying your product. 

Bearpaw Partners composes fascinating video content with stunning footage and dynamic visuals to provide your prospects with impactful entertainment to drive lead creation. Our skillful group of video producers utilizes cutting-edge technology and creative concepts to ensure that your brand’s message deeply resonates with your target audience. By educating consumers with webinars and documentaries, Bearpaw Partners’ innovative video marketing techniques entice potential customers and encourage them to take action which improves lead generation efforts.


Paid Advertising

Paid advertising can be an extremely valuable direct lead generation tool. Through a variety of methods, platforms, and opportunities, paid advertisements work to promote your brand and produce results. The goal of any paid advertising campaign is to attract targeted viewers and visitors and encourage them to take action. Different types of paid advertising include search engine marketing (SEM), display ads, retargeting ads, cost-per-action (CPA), cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-impression (CPM), and video advertising. We are experts in paid advertising methods and platforms and know how to get the most out of your advertising budget. We work with your brand to optimize your paid advertising campaign and drive direct leads, retarget potential customers, and increase your overall traffic. 

Drive Direct Leads

By paying for a strategically placed ad, paid advertising works to create a consistent flow of direct leads. By optimizing the cost of the leads and the conversion rates, a brand can not only drive more sales, but increase the return on investment (ROI). 

Retarget Prospects

Paid advertising provides the effective strategy of retargeting, which keeps track of your website’s visitors and then displays your ads on other sites as they continue surfing the web. Properly executed retargeting gives your business more exposure, expands your reach, and generates more leads as a result. 

Increase Website Traffic

Paid advertising elevates your brand visibility and increases lead generation by displaying your ads to millions of people at a time. The more views your ads receive, the more clicks, traffic, and leads your business appreciates. 

Bearpaw Partners uses state-of-the-art advertising programs and the most advanced paid advertising methods to ensure the effectiveness of your business’s marketing efforts. We measure the results of your advertising campaign in real time using powerful analytical tools and constant surveillance to gain insight into how your brand can increase lead generation. Our paid advertising experts know which platforms to use, what content to push, and how to implement it. Bearpaw Partners collaborates with you and your business to make sure your paid advertisements deliver maximum leads and ROI.

Effective lead generation efforts work for a brand to promote further awareness, increase overall traffic, boost consumer engagement, resonate with potential customers, and turn prospects into leads. In today’s digitally overloaded world, it’s crucial that your business’s lead generation tactics convey your brand’s unique outlook and set you apart from the competition. The best lead generation methods increase your consumer interest and simultaneously raise your conversion rates. 


Bearpaw Partners applies years of expertise and knowledge into every aspect of your lead generation efforts. Our digital marketing experts work with you and your business to efficiently promote your company, spark interest, and capture interested prospects that not only readily convert, but also refer more business to your brand. We utilize our skills to craft compelling content and enticing advertising that speaks directly to your target audience and generates a measurable abundance of high-quality leads.

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