6 Things to Consider When Implementing Technical SEO

Today’s brands need skillful SEO implementation to ensure their web pages remain discoverable for valuable search queries. While modern search engines are better than they’ve ever been at understanding the content and intent of a web page, they are still prone to misinterpretation. Specifically, technical issues may prevent a search engine from crawling and indexing your web pages correctly. Accordingly, your brand must consider the following six things when implementing technical SEO to improve your website’s overall readability and discoverability. 

Make sure all pages are crawlable and indexable.

To interpret the intent and purpose of a website, today’s search engines crawl sites and make an index of all the links included on each webpage. The easier it is for a search engine to crawl and index your site, the higher your ranking on SERPs will be for relevant search queries. Work with a digital agency such as Bearpaw Partners, a marketing firm in Atlanta, to ensure your site structure, internal linking strategy, and site redirects contribute to easily crawlable and indexable webpages. 

Fix all duplicate content issues.

Duplicate content occurs when information appears on a website more than once. And although search engines do not directly penalize sites for having duplicate content on their pages, it can affect other aspects of the overall SEO strategy. For instance, duplicate content wastes your business’s crawl budget, weakens your linking strategy, and contributes to unwanted URLs appearing on SERPs. Partner with a skilled internet marketing company to fix your business’s duplicate content issues and strengthen your SEO strategy. 

Ensure fast page loading speeds.

Today’s search engines take a website’s loading speeds into account when ranking page results for relevant search queries. Additionally, websites that respond quickly to web requests have a higher user experience than slower sites, which contributes to visitors spending more time on faster websites. Accordingly, your business must ensure your website has fast loading speeds to keep your visitors browsing on your pages for longer and improve your SEO strategy. Work with an internet marketing agency, like Bearpaw Partners, to make sure your website has fast loading speeds and a stronger technical SEO approach.

Use skillful Schema implementation on all web pages.

Schema is a standardized code today’s web developers use to markup a website and tell search engines what a website page means rather than just what it says. Specifically, your brand must implement Schema markup to ensure your website wins the most competitive searches and your overall SEO strategy outperforms your competition. Partner with an internet marketing company that specializes in technical SEO techniques, like Schema, to elevate your digital marketing strategy. Bearpaw Partners, one of the best digital agencies in Atlanta, has an SEO team that knows how to bring your brand’s website the visibility it deserves. 

Develop a functional sitemap.

While sitemaps are not necessary for search engines to effectively crawl your website, they do make it easier for search engines to discover the pages on your site. Specifically useful for large or new websites, sitemaps help prioritize which pages to crawl, which contributes to your page’s overall ranking on SERPs for relevant searches. Your brand needs to work with a talented agency that offers internet marketing services, such as technical SEO implementation, to ensure all aspects of your marketing strategy are optimized for search engines. Bearpaw Partners is one of the best marketing agencies in Atlanta, GA staffed with technical SEO specialists who can implement a useful sitemap for your business’s website. 

Redirect HTTP to HTTPS.

When ranking webpages, today’s search engines consider the security of a website and reward those with more secure pages. HTTPS ensures visitor security and prohibits the exchange of information to third parties. With higher security, your brand is more trustworthy to visitors and to search engines. Part of a good technical SEO audit involves ensuring your website does not have secure pages (HTTPS) referring to non-secure pages (HTTP). Work with an agency that specializes in technical SEO implementation to manage and renew your brand’s SSL certificate. Bearpaw Partners, a team of digital marketing experts in Atlanta, can redirect your HTTP pages to HTTPS to ensure site security and improve your brand’s rankings in search. 


Well-implemented technical SEO improves your overall website readability and functionality. When searching for an internet marketing firm, be sure to choose an agency that offers dynamic technical SEO implementation to ensure your visitors have a positive user experience every time they visit your website. 


Bearpaw Partners is one of the best marketing agencies in Atlanta, GA that knows how to bring your brand higher visibility on search engines to outperform your competitors. Our digital marketing philosophy is simple–we work closely with your team to develop powerful digital marketing strategies that make it easy for customers to find you. Let’s work together! Contact us today.

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