3 Ways To Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

The most effective digital marketing efforts boost sales through two primary routes. The first and most common option focuses on driving more traffic to your website in general. With increased visitors and enhanced visibility, sales should naturally and proportionately increase. While this route is logical and often proven successful, it may be challenging and even expensive. Alternatively, investing in marketing efforts that promote high conversion rates provide your business with a clear avenue to attract valuable customers and elevate sales. With minimal investment and a bit of fine-tuning, your brand can substantially increase conversion rates and, thus, your sales revenue. 


As visitors navigate through the sales funnel, and from page to page on your website, your brand voice and offerings should be distinctly congruent. If you advertise a buy-one-get-one deal on one page and then fail to mention it anywhere else, customers may balk. Additionally, you want to make sure your design and aesthetics are equally uniform. If your brand has a small, white font on one page, and the visitor sees a totally different style and format on the next page, it may lead to some hesitation. Ensuring consistency throughout your website reassures shoppers throughout the buying journey and leads to higher conversion rates. Sloppiness and inconsistency, however, generate suspicion and can cause prospects to bounce. 


Increasing your website conversion rate also calls for simplicity, as you don’t want your prospects to get lost in the sales funnel. Missing out on sales revenue as a result of too many steps is detrimental to any brand, as this means you probably spent more time and money than necessary, only to lose the prospect after the hard part is over. It is important to remember that you utilize your website every day, and new visitors are in completely unfamiliar territory. Make sure your call-to-actions and prompts are simple and clean. You want your website’s navigation to be easy to use and intuitive. The fewer clicks, the simpler the buying process, which translates to increased conversion rates and more revenue.  


Transparency and authenticity in marketing and advertising continue as the leading attributes of a successful brand. In today’s digital world, potential customers are conditioned to default to skepticism, so by clearly communicating your angle and value propositions, you gain your prospects’ trust and simultaneously simplify the sales process. Be sure to audit all of your landing pages for clarity and authenticity. Are your value propositions concisely conveyed and immediately visible? Or do your visitors have to work to figure out what you are offering and why it’s the best? Your brand’s web copy must communicate how your product or service can solve your prospect’s problem. When consumers trust your brand, they are far more likely to complete a transaction, which drives your conversion rate upward. 

Start boosting sales with a consistent, simple, and authentic website. By focusing on these three elements, your brand can easily make drastic improvements to your conversion rate. Today’s consumers are far more likely to buy from websites with these high-caliber standards, and they may even refer their friends your way. Make your website something worth sharing. 

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