5 Digital Marketing Trends to Expect in 2021

After a year that turned the world upside down, many businesses are looking to 2021 to optimize their digital marketing strategy. While our team may not be able to see the future, it doesn’t take a psychic to anticipate some of the most popular digital marketing trends in 2021. From adapting to new technologies to optimizing existing strategies, businesses can update their digital marketing strategies to make the most of a new year. Read below to learn about five digital marketing trends to expect in 2021 and how an experienced digital marketing agency can implement these trends for your business. 

1. Optimizations for voice search will become essential.

Voice search has been increasing in popularity over the years and is estimated to make up half of all searches in 2021. From Google Assistant to Amazon Echo, millions of individuals use voice search every day with over 90% accuracy when they search. If companies are not optimizing their content for this new kind of online searching, they may quickly be left behind. Research suggests that more in-depth keyword research, location-specific content, and an emphasis on more specialized, long-tail keywords will be necessary to improve SEO as voice search becomes more popular. 

2. Customer service will remain key.

The complex economic environment caused by the coronavirus pandemic made the importance of customer service clear to business owners. Whether ordering takeout from their neighborhood restaurant or buying masks from a small business online, consumers were more focused than ever before on where they were purchasing goods from. Companies that were responsive to their customers’ needs and communicated openly about business operations promoted consumer confidence during this challenging time. Many consumers now expect this kind of communication, and businesses can emphasize digital customer service with a few simple steps. Automated chatbots, clearly displayed contact information, and responsive communication strategies all work to improve a company’s digital presence.

3. The impact of social media will change.

The influence of social media has grown exponentially over the past decade and shows no sign of slowing down. However, the way we interact with social media is changing. While social networking and discovering new trends may have been the initial benefits of social media, this online tool is evolving to be an essential component of any successful business. Most notably, users are now increasingly using social media applications to purchase products. Platforms like Facebook are making it possible for users to find new companies and make a purchase without ever leaving the application. Increased reliance on social media for purchasing means businesses must optimize their social media presence for more than just staying relevant among consumers.

4. Virtual events are here to stay.

Every industry was affected by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, and each business adapted to the circumstances differently. From trade shows to global conferences, worldwide and in-person meetings were quickly transformed into online events. Not only did this allow more companies to participate in or sponsor events, but organizers also recognized the improved ROI that a virtual meeting offered. Accordingly, a continued increase in virtual events gives businesses around the world the chance to get more involved and execute a digital marketing strategy that improves their global online presence.

5. Businesses will implement a streamlined digital marketing strategy.

Businesses that have not worked with a digital agency may find themselves spread too thin trying to keep up with every digital marketing trend in 2021. In reality, a digital marketing strategy should be optimized for each business and should only include those tactics that most benefit a company. For example, most businesses do not need to have an overwhelming presence on every social media platform or run ads on every available search engine. An experienced digital marketing agency recognizes the most valuable avenues for a high return on investment (ROI) and focuses on those specific strategies, while reducing less lucrative efforts. A talented team of digital marketers can recommend a plan to effectively market a business without wasting time or resources on trendy marketing fads that won’t provide results.

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