Top Facebook Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2021

From complete lifestyle changes to unexpected marketing trends, nothing could have prepared us for all that 2020 had in store. With 2021 on the horizon, brands must stay up to date on the most effective ways to reach their audiences in today’s evolving marketplace. Specifically, as one of the biggest social media advertising platforms, Facebook plays a significant role in any successful business’s marketing strategy. Accordingly, we’ve outlined some of the top Facebook marketing trends your brand needs to implement in 2021 to stay ahead of your competitors and expand your online impact. 

Facebook Live makes a comeback.

As the world spent the majority of 2020 socially distanced from one another, social media users turned to other forms of communication to stay safely connected to their followers. Specifically, Facebook’s Live feature made a significant comeback in 2020, and this trend is predicted to continue into 2021. Accordingly, successful brands need to utilize the Facebook Live tool to increase online engagement with their target audiences and elevate their social strategy. 

Video marketing remains of utmost importance.

Video continues to reign supreme as consumers’ preferred form of online content. In 2021, brands should expect to see a steady rise in the popularity of video content and must implement a robust video marketing strategy to remain relevant and visible on social media platforms. Work with a talented internet marketing agency that can deliver your brand’s message through a compelling video marketing strategy that leverages Facebook’s capabilities and metrics to increase brand awareness. 

Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Reality make an impact in nearly every industry.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and artificial reality (AR) have already shown widespread growth across industries in 2020. As this next year will require businesses to rethink and restrategize the way they market their business to consumers, AI and AR will become an even more crucial aspect of online marketing strategies. Today’s brands must take advantage of Facebook’s AI and AR tools to stay competitive in 2021’s growing marketplace. 

Facebook online shopping sales continue to increase.

As a result of the global pandemic, consumers shifted to primarily shopping online throughout most of 2020. In response to this transition, Facebook launched its own Facebook Shops to make it easier for shoppers to find and purchase products without leaving its platform. In 2021, expect to see more brands utilizing this tool as an additional avenue to reach target audiences and drive online sales. 

User-generated content remains king.

As user-generated content has long been the most effective form of digital content marketing, it’s no surprise that this trend is expected to continue into 2021. Particularly useful in the buyer’s decision-making phase, user-generated content carries significant weight in converting browsers into valuable customers. While the global pandemic has shifted the way successful businesses are capable of marketing to their target consumers, user-generated content shared across Facebook’s platform remains an accessible and effective way to get a brand’s products and services in front of a wider audience. 

This year has changed the way every brand conducts business and engages with its audience. However, Facebook has remained a powerful platform to keep customers engaged with their favorite brands. Consider these Facebook marketing trends when developing your brand’s 2021 content marketing strategy.

As one of the top marketing agencies in Atlanta, Bearpaw Partners stays up to date with current trends across all social media platforms to maximize our clients’ online impact. Despite the uncertainty that defined 2020, brands can be confident that the importance of online marketing strategies will remain a top priority in 2021. Work with our team to ensure your business’s Facebook marketing strategy continues to grow your digital reach and drive sales over the next year. Let’s chat


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