3 Reasons Small Businesses Should Invest in SEO

When operating a business, the to-do list never ends–we get it. And creating a digital marketing plan as a small business owner can certainly feel intimidating. There are many reasons that all businesses, big and small, should invest time and money in an effective online marketing strategy. Specifically, search engine optimization (SEO) serves as a solid foundation for every business to build a robust digital presence. Read below to learn about just a few reasons that small businesses should invest in SEO and how an experienced digital marketing agency can help. 

Increase Organic Traffic

SEO is a critical tool used to increase organic traffic through improved rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs). Through relevant original content creation, website design optimizations, and user experience improvements, companies can create a website that is easily discoverable for both search engines and customers. As businesses implement SEO improvements, an increase in organic traffic and eventually a spike in conversions should follow. Working with a talented digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO can ensure the process runs smoothly from the start, and bring your brand higher visibility for your most valuable search terms. 

Save on Paid Campaigns

While successful global corporations have enormous paid advertising budgets to drive traffic and conversions, smaller businesses likely don’t have millions of dollars to invest in paid ads. Thankfully, SEO gives smaller businesses the opportunity to succeed online without having to dedicate a massive budget. While certain paid advertisements can appear before organic results, small companies that work diligently to optimize their website and produce relevant content can consistently rank higher on SERPs. Partner with an experienced digital marketing agency that specializes in content creation to save money on paid advertising campaigns with outstanding organic content.

Make the Most of Analytics

A major benefit of SEO comes from the analytics that small businesses can access to learn what part of their digital marketing strategy is working and what needs to be improved. Specifically, detailed metrics from Google Analytics and other keyword tracking programs provide brands with insight on which pages and keywords drive the most traffic and where there may be SEO gaps to focus on. This process can move slowly and be frustrating at times, but a determined SEO partner can help you make the most of your SEO efforts by learning from analytics. Work with a skilled digital marketing agency that carefully analyzes SEO data to execute strategies that maximize online marketing efforts.

Whether you’re a small business or a global corporation, our team of digital marketing experts can propose and implement a tailored marketing strategy across online platforms to make it easy for customers to find you. Bearpaw Partners specializes in SEO, organic content creation, paid advertising campaigns, social media curation, website design, and more. Explore our areas of expertise and revitalize your business today. Let’s talk.

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