Social Media Marketing Tips to Optimize Your Digital Strategy in 2021

As today’s social media landscape is one of the most rapidly changing aspects of our digital-first world, brands rely on active social media profiles to create a fuller, more robust, and more interactive customer experience. Specifically, in the wake of a global pandemic, social media platforms provide businesses with additional insight and avenues to market their products or services to their most targeted audiences. Your business must optimize your social media accounts to win long-term loyalty and continue brand recognition, in addition to analyzing your performance metrics to ensure a higher short-term return on investment (ROI). Read below to discover 2021’s top social media marketing tips to promote discovery and connection among your target audiences.

More online shopping will happen on social media channels.

In response to the pandemic and a socially distant world, traditional brick-and-mortar stores, small businesses, and local brands were forced to shift their presence to exist almost entirely online. Accordingly, social channels have started to roll out e-commerce features to provide a seamless shopping experience within the platform to make shopping more accessible and drive engagement. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are now all shoppable platforms, and social shopping is expected to increase in popularity in 2021.

Video social advertising continues to dominate.

Video has steadily increased in popularity as users’ preferred form of content over the past few years, and high-quality video social advertising will prove integral to every brand’s marketing strategy in 2021. Businesses must implement a robust video marketing strategy that connects with users, delivers an easily digestible brand message, and grows visibility across social platforms. Your brand must fully optimize your social video advertisements to ensure you reach your target audiences and see a high ROI in 2021.

Posting frequency may decrease.

Before the pandemic, brands were accustomed to churning out social post after social post to keep their audiences interested and informed. However, as the coronavirus spread across the globe, brands quickly shifted their social media efforts to creating thoughtful, valuable, and supportive content that provided a sense of connection and community, rather than a high-frequency posting schedule. This “less is more” approach to social posting is expected to continue into 2021 as brands and consumers learn to navigate a new normal when interacting with brands and otherwise.

Short-form video continues to rise in popularity.

As TikTok and Instagram Reels continue to grow in popularity, short-form video content proves to be an impactful and digestible way to spread a brand’s message and increase brand awareness. Additionally, when it comes to capturing attention and sparking interest on social, today’s consumers have a shorter attention span than ever before. Accordingly, brands must prioritize developing an effective social strategy that incorporates short-form video content to capture your target audience’s attention immediately. As the popularity of short-form video content is predicted to rise in 2021, brands should consider optimizing their presence with scroll-stopping videos to maximize their exposure and reach more consumers who are interested in their products and services.

As today’s brands face 2021 with a refreshed perspective, a refined digital marketing strategy that incorporates current trends is necessary to remain competitive in our digital-first world.

Bearpaw Partners, one of the top marketing agencies in Atlanta, maximizes our clients’ online impact with optimized digital marketing strategies that include today’s most popular trends. Work with our team to ensure your business’s social media marketing strategy continues to grow your digital reach and drive sales over the next year. Let’s chat!


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