Top Email Marketing Trends to Lookout For in 2021

Email marketing has long been a powerful tool in a successful digital strategy. However, in 2021, good email marketing is more impactful than it’s ever been. As today’s businesses continue to adapt to the effects of the coronavirus and a primarily digital shopping market, email marketing is a reliable way to increase interactions with prospects online and convert target audiences into paying customers. Read our tips to optimize your email marketing campaigns in 2021. 

Increased Personalization

Today’s consumers not only prefer hyper-personalized content that contains relevant information on their interests, but they expect it. And as advanced metrics continue to highlight detailed insight into who target customers are and their buying behaviors, brands receive valuable information for hyper-personalized opportunities within their email marketing campaigns. 

If your brand has dabbled in email marketing before, you already know the impact a personalized email has on a prospective customer. Specifically, Campaign Monitor reports that emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened. Additionally, the more personalized an email is, the more likely it will result in higher conversions. 

In response to this growing trend, brands should rely on detailed segmentation to group their email lists by demographic information and interests. These segments make it easy for businesses to market their products directly to the recipient of the email to ensure each subscriber receives the most personalized email possible and maximize their marketing results. As your email list grows longer, add more variables and criteria to make these segmentations more specific and messaging more personalized. 

Bolder Design Elements

While images are generally the most captivating parts of an email, bolder design elements are growing in popularity for use in email campaigns. Specifically, bright colors are useful in evoking emotion and encouraging action, and bold typography calls attention to the most important parts of the email’s message. Accordingly, brighter colors and bolder typography are expected to come to the forefront in 2021’s successful email marketing campaigns.

Perhaps, consumers are looking for anything and everything that brings a little excitement to an otherwise mundane quarantined reality. From home decor to email elements, design trends with brighter coloring and retro and nostalgic feels are growing in popularity among today’s shoppers. From background gradients to pops of color throughout the email template, businesses should consider implementing bold designs and colors to catch the attention of your email recipients and encourage interaction with the brand. 

Higher Automation

As mentioned above, with more improvement in today’s advanced analytic programs and software, brands have more access than ever before to create highly personalized email campaigns. In this same vein, brands also have increased capability to craft hyper automated emails as well. Specifically, this means increasing automation for more personalized and engaging welcome emails, more creative and branded transactional emails, individualized birthday emails, and specific emails that encourage your recipients to take action based on recent website activity. 

An email marketing strategy with increased automation improves the way your consumers experience your brand and strengthens a consistent brand message. With higher automation capabilities in 2021, businesses can further build brand reputation and enhance their digital presence without spending much time or money in doing so. 

In a digital-first world, brands must ensure every online interaction with their target audiences is an impactful one. Use these email marketing tips to ensure your brand stays ahead of your competition in 2021.  

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