3 Reasons Your Brand Needs a Stronger Presence On LinkedIn

By now, most brands understand the impact of a strong social media presence. It’s true that Facebook and Instagram are powerful platforms to grow a business’s following, increase discoverability, and drive traffic to a brand’s website. However, LinkedIn is often overlooked as an equally powerful opportunity to enhance brand awareness. A strategic LinkedIn presence can be a valuable tool to drive leads, make an impact in your industry, and scale overall marketing goals. Read below to learn how a robust profile and active LinkedIn presence can improve your social media strategy and elevate your brand. 

LinkedIn influences thought leadership.

Brands that are recognized as thought leaders within their industry are perceived as more trustworthy and credible by both customers and search engines. Specifically, thought leadership is earned primarily by exemplifying expertise, authenticity, and consistency throughout all aspects of a brand’s digital presence. As LinkedIn is the most professional social platform for brands and businesses, an optimized LinkedIn profile improves effective networking and enhances the credibility and expertise of an organization. A company with a tailored LinkedIn presence can often position itself as a thought leader within a specific market. 

LinkedIn may be the most impactful platform for lead generation in your industry.

Lead generation is a cornerstone of every brand’s business goals. A successful company must develop multiple avenues to increase revenue growth through new and valuable prospects. In today’s digital-first world, creating an engaging and compelling social media profile is critical for brands to stay competitive and relevant in a saturated market. Specifically, LinkedIn users are increasingly browsing this social platform with a more business-minded intent. A strong LinkedIn profile is more likely to convert potential leads than a business profile on other social platforms, especially for business-to-business (B2B) companies. In fact, studies show that 62% of B2B brands report that LinkedIn generates over two times as many leads as their next-highest performing social profile.

LinkedIn is the ideal platform for a successful product launch.

LinkedIn users typically browse the platform with a more professional mindset compared to other social networks. This channel provides a unique opportunity for brands to nurture conversations and prioritize high-value leads. Specifically, in December of 2020, LinkedIn launched “Product Pages,” which is a dedicated tab that allows a company to showcase products on its LinkedIn profile with ratings, endorsements, testimonials, and reviews. This feature also allows businesses to specify certain job roles that are more relevant to their offerings to ensure products get in front of the highest value users. 

As today’s brands face a saturated market across all channels, implementing an optimized social media strategy that focuses on all social platforms is essential to remain competitive in your industry and relevant to your most valuable audiences. Work with a digital marketing agency, like Bearpaw Partners, to ensure all your social profiles contribute to business success, LinkedIn included. 

Bearpaw Partners, one of the top marketing agencies in Atlanta, maximizes our clients’ online impact with optimized digital marketing strategies that align with today’s most popular trends. Work with our team to ensure your business’s social media marketing strategy includes a strong LinkedIn presence and expands your digital reach. Let’s chat!


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