Top 4 Google Ads Myths

The most successful brands know how to navigate the Google AdWords auction to win better positioning on search results for relevant, desired keywords. Your brand needs to know how Google Ads works to get the most out of your ad budget, increase conversion rates, and boost brand awareness. Working with a skilled digital marketing agency can help to alleviate misconceptions associated with Google Ads and ensure the best return on investment (ROI) for your brand. Keep reading to see the four most common Google Ads myths debunked. 

Myth #1: Google Ads doesn’t work

While it may be difficult for brands to allocate time and resources to master Google Ads, the platform can elevate a business’s digital marketing strategy when used properly. To execute a lucrative Google Ads initiative, it’s important for your brand to work with an agency that knows how to utilize cutting-edge data analytics, crawl for the right keywords, identify a target market, write creative ad copy, and interpret the results to make real-time adjustments. An experienced ad agency understands the formulas and algorithms behind the AdWords auctions and works collaboratively with your business to deliver optimal ad positioning. 

Myth #2: Using Google Ads is expensive

The cost of Google Ads is often a primary concern for businesses looking to improve their advertising tactics. Many variables factor into the cost of Google Ads, including the cost-per-click, the competitiveness of keywords, the geographic location, the industry, and the quality of the ads. A properly defined campaign takes your business’s ad budget into account and ensures cost-efficiency throughout the entire process. The most successful marketing agencies have the tools and expertise to scale your brand’s ROI through calculated target marketing and strategic ad content. 

Myth #3: Nobody clicks on Google Ads

The percentage of clicks on sponsored Google Ads versus organic search results continues to grow at a rapid rate. Over the years, Google has made several changes to the appearance of their ads to the point where it may be difficult to decipher a sponsored result from an organic one. Your brand must work with a knowledgeable digital agency that can get compelling ads in front of the right audiences to deliver valuable information searchers are looking for and increase clicks to your brand’s website.

Myth #4: You can’t track ROI with Google Ads

With correctly configured campaigns, there are plenty of ways to interpret and track ROI within Google Ads. Each ad can be monitored individually and based on the analysis, and your business can make several adjustments to tailor your strategy accordingly. The best brands work collaboratively with an expert digital agency to alter the ad campaign in real-time to more accurately target their audience, boost performance, and maximize your ROI.  

Looking to improve your digital advertising strategy? Bearpaw Partners is a digital marketing agency in the Atlanta area that specializes in SEO and creative advertising. We work with you to enhance your website’s structure and ranking to give your business an unbeatable digital presence. Let’s work together!

Bearpaw PartnersTop 4 Google Ads Myths
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Search Advertising Versus Display Advertising: When and How to Use Them Both

Businesses must know when and how to use search and display advertising strategies to optimize their digital marketing campaign and remain competitive in today’s online era. Both forms of advertising deliver powerful results, but successful brands must implement a combination of the two to maximize the performance of their marketing efforts. Your business needs creative, targeted search ads to compete with major competitors as well as compelling, eye-catching display ads that facilitate further and deeper brand recognition. The best digital agencies work closely with your brand to effectively execute both methods of online advertising and generate an optimal return on investment (ROI). 

What is Search Advertising?

Search advertising, also referred to as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, is a form of search engine marketing (SEM) that focuses on consumers who are looking for your business’s products or services on search engines. Additionally, this form of advertising provides brands with the ability to target geographic areas to compete with local businesses. By tailoring ads and bidding on targeted keywords, your brand increases its visibility for a highly interested audience to produce hot leads with short timeframes and high intent. Your business needs to work with a skilled digital marketing agency who can structure your search ads and determine which keywords are most valuable for your business. 

What is Display Advertising? 

Display advertising is a form of SEM that spreads brand awareness through the placement of compelling visual ads on various websites. However, unlike search advertising strategies, display ads are not specifically correlated to the consumer’s particular search. Display ads appear on the sides or at the top of web pages. By tracking consumer behavior, display ads can appear for targeted demographics, locations, or interests and use convincing call-to-actions to redirect web traffic to your site. Through creative, customized, and compelling display ads, your brand builds awareness and gains more relevant clicks. Your business needs to partner with a digital marketing agency that knows how to utilize display advertising to expand your brand identity and maintain a steady flow of interested consumers in your sales funnel. 

How do Search and Display Advertising work together?

Separately, search and display advertising methods capture a distinct consumer intent and build brand awareness. However, a marketing strategy that leverages both forms of online advertising maximizes the impact a business’s digital marketing strategy has on target audiences. By combining carefully crafted search ads with visually compelling display ads, your brand can hit targeted visitors from all angles and have a better chance to resonate with a variety of consumers at different stages of the sales cycle. The most experienced digital marketing agencies know how to bring brands an unprecedented advertising strategy with a combination of search and display ads to create a lasting impression on consumers and target users throughout the buying journey. 

Looking to improve your search and display advertising strategy? Bearpaw Partners is a digital marketing agency in the Atlanta area that specializes in SEO, advertising, and creative content. We work with you to enhance your website’s structure and ranking to give your business an unbeatable digital presence. Let’s work together!

Bearpaw PartnersSearch Advertising Versus Display Advertising: When and How to Use Them Both
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What is Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)?

Businesses need digital marketing strategies to optimize their brand and remain ahead of their competition. A combination of skilled SEO implementation, social media marketing, and different methods of advertising allows brands to reach and engage target audiences, enhance brand awareness, improve customer relationships, and optimize campaigns. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an essential element of good digital marketing strategies businesses need to use to get their brand in front of the widest audience as possible. Read on to find out how your business can use PPC advertising to maximize your digital presence and elevate your brand.

What is PPC advertising?

PPC is a form of advertising where a business pays for each click an ad earns. In contrast to other forms of marketing, PPC ads are advertising techniques where a business essentially purchases more clicks and visitors to its website rather than earning these clicks organically. PPC advertising allows a brand to set a budget within a specified platform while only paying for the number of ads users click on. The best digital marketing strategies contain a combination of both organic elements and paid ads to maximize conversions.

How does PPC advertising work?

In a PPC advertising campaign, a company sets a budget within the platform that pushes the brand’s ads. Within this budget, businesses can bid for higher ad placement to earn more visibility on paid listings when a user searches for a particular keyword or phrase.

However, when competitors are both bidding for the same top spot for a specific keyword, other components, such as ad quality score and ad extensions, determine which brand earns the ad position. Ad quality score is a score that assesses the value of your ad for the specific search term. This score considers components like ad relevance and landing page experience. Ad extensions can further strengthen an ad by including components such as snippets, callouts, and site links.

How do keywords work in PPC ads?

Correct use of keywords is crucial to the success of a PPC ad campaign. The keywords you assign to your PPC ads determine the targeted audience your ad will appear for. Your brand needs to consider both the keywords your target customer will search for as well as the copy your users will find on your website’s landing page. Be sure to choose keywords that attract your business’s audience as well as lead your users to accurate and helpful information.

What does PPC advertising mean for your business?

Fast Results-
PPC marketing techniques lead to quicker results than other forms of digital marketing. For instance, it can take up to six months to start seeing the results of skilled SEO implementation. While your business needs to include all forms of marketing in order to maximize your brands reach, PPC marketing returns a substantial amount of higher and more valuable traffic to your website at a quicker rate than other marketing methods.

Constant Traffic-
As long as your brand’s ad maintains its ad position, the volume of traffic to your business’s website pages should remain constant. Additionally, the use of relevant keywords targets more valuable users and makes your business’s content more discoverable, useful and shareable. Accordingly, your website receives much higher quality traffic and increased conversions.

Budget Control-
PPC ad campaigns better allow your business to manage your marketing budget and control your account spending. Closer control of your brand’s advertising budget gives your team the ability to implement a much more effective digital marketing strategy.

Your business’s digital marketing plan needs to include PPC advertising tactics to remain discoverable and competitive. Bearpaw Partners is a digital marketing agency in the Atlanta area equipped with a team of the most creative marketing specialists who know how to give your brand an unbeatable digital presence with PPC advertisements. In the market for a digital agency to help develop your brand’s PPC advertising strategy and digital marketing plan? Let’s work together!

Bearpaw PartnersWhat is Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)?
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