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What Is Semantic Search?

Semantic Search Bearpaw Partners Digital Marketing Agency Atlanta
What Is Semantic Search? Semantic search is a search method utilized by Google that analyzes user intent through context and content to generate and order search results. When a term or phrase is searched on the web, Google provides (and the user expects) a result that is relevant to the search phrase. The context of the searched words combined with the content and context of a website helps the search engine decide the result that...

The Most Important Person In Your Business

most important person in your business
A prospective client recently sent me an email that began, “In the last year, our plastic surgery practice has spent significant marketing dollars in digital and social media, and yet our sales have remained the same.” With the email, he attached a PDF that summarized their SEO campaign. I looked through the report, and the data was impressive. Bounce rates were down, user visits and time on the site were up, and so was social...

Do You Love Your Dog? The One Question Litmus Test

Do you love your dog?
For me, all dog owners are divided into two categories- owners that are “dog lovers,” and the owners “who love their dog.” It takes a special person to be a member of the second category of “loving their dog.” Membership in the “loving your dog” club is limited and for the elite. You can’t just sign up or buy your way in. Some membership criteria include such as allowing your dog to sleep in your...