How to Write the Best Meta Descriptions

how to write the best meta descriptions
A meta description is a 150-160 character snippet that summarizes the contents of a certain webpage. Meta descriptions are coded in HTML onto the page itself, but they only display on search engine result pages (SERP). For example, when you type into Google, “How to find the right career,” this is one of the top results that pops up: The short paragraph below the rating is what’s considered the meta description. This is a great example...

What Is Semantic Search?

Semantic Search Bearpaw Partners Digital Marketing Agency Atlanta
What Is Semantic Search? Semantic search is a search method utilized by Google that analyzes user intent through context and content to generate and order search results. When a term or phrase is searched on the web, Google provides (and the user expects) a result that is relevant to the search phrase. The context of the searched words combined with the content and context of a website helps the search engine decide the result that...