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Advertising for a business is a necessary component of every digital marketing strategy to get a brand’s message in front of the right audience. Strategic implementation of ads is one of the most powerful tools businesses can use to spread brand awareness and optimize results. Successful digital advertising leverages different platforms, such as social media channels, display ads, retargeting ads, email campaigns, search engine advertisements, and video services, to market brands’ products and services to the right users at the right time.

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Targeting Options

While traditional advertising utilizes magazines, radio, television, and billboards, to market to the general public, digital advertising enables your business to effectively reach your target audience for optimized and measurable results. Targeting is one of the most useful elements of digital marketing because it gives businesses the ability to cater their advertising efforts to a specific audience. When creative ads are tailored to particular viewers, businesses can attract more valuable customers to their websites and see an increase in clicks, sales, and ROI. Additionally, targeted ads provide users with more useful information catered to their interests.

Scheduling Capabilities

Digital advertising offers more flexibility regarding when and where ads show for a specific audience. Advertising platforms have the capability to plan exact times your ad appears for searches depending on when your brand’s ideal customer is most active on internet-based platforms and your business’s hours of operation. In some cases, ads run all of the time when a business does not have to be in the office for conversions to take place. Additionally, advertisements can be scheduled on a campaign basis so ads for various campaigns can be run on different schedules depending on specific goals.

Budgeting Opportunities

Flexibility and cost-effectiveness matter when it comes to developing powerful digital ad campaigns. When creating ads to raise brand awareness and convert clicks into sales, a business sets a budget for each campaign to determine how the money is spent. Online advertising enables a brand to quickly adjust its ad spend on campaigns that are outperforming or even start or stop running advertisements. This increased flexibility in digital advertisements offers businesses the ability to eliminate unprofitable expenses, adjust ads to optimize conversions, and establish a much stronger digital marketing strategy.

Measurable Results

Digital advertising is the most trackable form of marketing because the metrics of digital ads provide insight into which platforms perform the best for specific audiences. With the right online advertising strategy, brands have access to the number of clicks an ad has received, how many viewers shared it on various channels, and the amount of impressions that resulted in a conversion. Digital attribution provides meaningful insight as to where a sale originated from, the number of touches that lead to a conversion, and the platform or various traffic sources that should receive credit for the transaction. When you partner with the best digital marketing experts, your business can adjust and refine your digital marketing strategy based on attribution results to increase your ROI.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of digital advertising in which a business purchases advertisements on search engine result pages (SERPs) to earn more clicks to web pages and generate more traffic to a brand’s website. This form of digital marketing gives businesses the ability to show advertisements to viewers who are actively searching for a specific keyword or phrase. Accordingly, businesses have the ability to target specific searches as well as more closely control how their marketing budget is spent. The result? Fast and transparent digital marketing strategies that spotlight a business’s services and make its brand more discoverable for a targeted audience.

Successful SEM advertisements not only catch the attention of the target user, but they also deliver useful information with persuasive messages to gain more clicks and convert them into sales. Advertisements on search engines rely on keywords to determine who sees your ads, which means your viewers are actively searching for your brand’s products and services are more likely to visit your website.

Additionally, SEM ads can increase your brand’s discoverability and improve your digital reach by earning more visibility and clicks. Increased traffic to website pages further improves your website’s ranking on SERPs, which elevates your brand’s digital reach and strengthens your business’s connection with your customers.

Bearpaw Partners is a Google AdWords certified agency staffed with advertising experts and creative marketing specialist who know the ins and outs of SEM advertising. We use Google AdWords to bring your brand the results you want to see and build your business an unbeatable digital presence. Google AdWords is the most advanced, well-known and efficient SEM platform on the internet and can help your business set measurable goals to drive instant traffic and track success. Additionally, campaigns run through Google AdWords are easily integrated into various advertising platforms and customized for specific goals.


In today’s digital-first world, social media platforms are inundated with accounts and information, and users are spending more time on these channels than ever before. Accordingly, social media advertising is one of the most dynamic tools your brand can use to improve your discoverability, elevate your digital identity, and raise brand awareness. Taking advertising efforts to social media platforms maximizes customer engagement by targeting relevant users and contributes to a strong brand identity by increasing awareness through advertisements your target audience will notice.

We know every social media platform is not effective for every business. The social media gurus at Bearpaw Partners work closely with your team to create a social media strategy that incorporates all-original advertisements placed on social networks where your audience spends the most time. We put your ads in front of viewers who are interested in your business’ products and services to connect your brand with the most valuable users.

A strategic social media advertising plan catered to your target audience’s interests optimizes your engagement and maximizes your brand’s conversions. We are experts in all things social media, and our team creates well-crafted social media advertisements to captivate the curiosity of your target audience, increase traffic to your website, and sell your brand.

With a social media advertising strategy, your business has instant access to data. Our team handles everything from maintaining your business’s social media profiles to regular posting and fast responses to customers to ensure immediate results all the time.

Facebook Advertising
Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform, which makes advertising on Facebook one of the most powerful ways to get your brand in front of your targeted audience. Our advertising experts create, monitor, and optimize your Facebook ads that resonate with your target audience to make sure your campaigns are consistently elevating your business.

Instagram Advertising
Instagram is one of the most visually appealing social media platforms, which gives businesses the opportunity to create visual and captivating ad campaigns to sell their brand. The Bearpaw Partners team knows how to create engaging Instagram advertisements to make sure your brand captures your target audience’s attention and increase website conversions.

Twitter Advertising
Twitter ad campaigns can help your team share your business’s message, enhance your digital identity, and get your target audience talking about your brand. Our advertising team creates Twitter ad campaigns that can help your business connect with your audience and grow your followers.

Pinterest Advertising
Ad campaigns on Pinterest can help your brand target users who are interested in your business’s services and actively pinning images and posts that are relevant to your brand. Our advertising specialists know how to create ad campaign’s on Pinterest to attract new viewers and strengthen your digital marketing strategy.

YouTube Advertising
Youtube advertising is equipped with advanced targeting capabilities that allow your business to show ads for relevant searchers based on demographics, past topic searches, keywords, and user interests. We create Youtube advertisements that engage with your audience, attract valuable viewers, and expand your brand’s reach.

LinkedIn Advertising
Your business should utilize Linkedin ad campaigns to target professionals, spread brand awareness, and earn leads to optimize your advertising strategy. Our team creates compelling Linkedin advertisements that boost website traffic and spark conversations about your brand.


The strongest brands incorporate display advertising into their digital marketing strategy to catch the attention of a targeted audience, heighten brand awareness, and build a brand’s identity. Primarily appearing on website pages listed on a SERP for a specific search word or phrase, display ads deliver convincing messages through highly visual images to gain clicks and increase traffic to your website. In contrast to SEM advertisements, which appear on the search engine itself, display ads appear on other websites to redirect relevant searchers to your brand’s site. Display ads can be specified to appear for certain demographics, locations, and interests to boost brand awareness and increase conversions.

With display advertisements, your brand can find out exactly how many clicks your ads receive and the amount of traffic your website earns. We know there’s no guesswork when it comes to creating a strong digital marketing strategy. Our team of SEO and SEM experts utilize industry-leading tools to gather data from display advertisements to gain insight into how your business’s digital marketing strategy is performing.

Display ads have highly customizable capabilities to give brands the ability to earn more traffic by targeting a highly specific demographic. We create ad campaigns that place your brand’s ads in front of users who are actively searching for your business’s services. Our advertising creatives know how to build ads your audience will click on.

Your advertising strategy should align with your business’s values and enhance your brand’s message. We are a team of digital marketing storytellers who are committed to expanding your brand’s identity through display advertising campaigns that contain strong images to amplify your brand’s message.

Bearpaw Partners is a Google Certified Partner in Display Advertising, and we are trained in creating compelling display ad campaigns that resonate with a specific audience to increase website traffic and sales. We utilize the parameters available within display ads to build an ad campaign that remains in your business’s budget and targets a highly specified audience across millions of websites. Our advertising experts build compelling advertisements that increase brand visibility, generate product awareness, and increase conversions. Work with us to get your display ads in front of the right audience and boost sales.


Retargeting advertising is one of the most effective strategies businesses can use to keep their brand in front of the right audience. This advertising strategy collects data on viewers, keeps track of your website’s visitors, and shows ads for your brand when these users visit other websites. These ads are particularly effective because they rely on previous online activity to target customers who have already expressed interest in your brand. Retargeting advertisements rely on convincing images and messages to redirect your viewers back to your website, give your business more exposure, and generate higher sales. Our advertising team uses cutting-edge technology to gain insight into how your target customer shops. We use this data to build convincing ad campaigns that get your brand in front of the right customers and drive more conversions.

When your targeted audience is choosing a product or service, brand recall is critical to ensure your business comes to mind first. Brand recall establishes a strong connection between a product or service and a brand name that offers it. When ads are shown to viewers who have already expressed interest in a particular product or service, the brand gains traction, heightens its accessibility, and increases awareness. Our advertising experts can implement strategic retargeting ads that will remind your targeted audience of the services your brand offers and create advertising campaigns that result in increased brand recall and higher conversions.

Retargeting advertisements elevate your brand’s reach by reminding bounced traffic of the products and services your business offers. This repeated brand visibility elevates your brand exposure and increases your authority. We have the most talented advertising specialists who can build retargeting ad campaigns that deliver your brand’s message, reflect your business’s values, and consistently increase brand exposure.

Persistent retargeting ad campaigns constantly heighten your brand visibility, increase brand trust, and expand your reach. We work closely with your team to create retargeting advertisements that successfully redirect visitors back to your brand’s website and close more sales.

We use state-of-the-art advertising programs to run the most advanced retargeting ad campaigns, so your business can more effectively build your brand authority and generate more sales. Our retargeting advertisements attract the right viewers by appearing across the most popular websites for customers who have already expressed interest in your brand and your services. We collect data on how the retargeting ads perform, so the campaigns we create are constantly improving your brand and enhancing your relationships with your customers. Whether your business is looking to reach more valuable shoppers or generate more sales faster, our retargeting ad campaigns give your brand insights that help you better understand your target customers, their interests, and their shopping behavior to close more deals.


Video advertising takes your brand’s marketing strategy to the next level. With creative and engaging video ads, your business can enhance your brand identity and build connections with your customers through attention-grabbing visuals that bring your brand story to life. This version of digital advertising is particularly effective because not only do video ads portray your brand in a more compelling way, these advertisements have high potential to create memorable ads that can connect with your target audience emotionally, personally, and directly. Our talented group of creative video producers uses cutting-edge technology to build high-impact video advertisements that attract your target customer, connect with your audience, and sell your brand. From ad creation to implementation, our video advertising experts can create video ads that reach new audiences and impact your target customers’ shopping behaviors.

Your business needs creative and well-executed ad campaigns to curate long-term relationships with your customers. With superior graphics and high-quality visuals, video ads connect with your audience, communicate with your viewers, and develop relationships with your customers unlike any other kind of advertisement can. We create video ad campaigns that align with your brand identity to enhance your audience relationships, expand your reach, and build connections.

Video advertisements engage with viewers in a way that allows your business to elevate your brand identity and captivate your target audience’s interest in your products or services. We work closely with your team to build video ads that visually educate your viewers on a deeper level to enhance the buying journey. Our video experts are committed to understanding your business and your audience to create video ads that deliver your brand message and connect with your customers.

Video advertisements engage with viewers in a way that allows your business to elevate your brand identity and captivate your target audience’s interest in your products or services. We work closely with your team to build video ads that visually educate your viewers on a deeper level to enhance the buying journey. Our video experts are committed to understanding your business and your audience to create video ads that deliver your brand message and connect with your customers.

Video advertisements engage with viewers in a way that allows your business to elevate your brand identity and captivate your target audience’s interest in your products or services. We work closely with your team to build video ads that visually educate your viewers on a deeper level to enhance the buying journey. Our video experts are committed to understanding your business and your audience to create video ads that deliver your brand message and connect with your customers.


Good brands need impressive advertising campaigns to generate sales and remain ahead of the competition. We know that the best ad campaigns can be both memorable for your audience and cost-effective for your brand. Bearpaw Partners offers several variations of payment strategies, so your advertising campaign is effective and affordable for your business and optimizes your brand’s digital marketing plan. When you work with us to create compelling advertisements to elevate your brand, your business can choose to pay for advertisements by cost per action, cost per click, or cost per impression.

Cost per action (CPA) is an online advertising pricing model where the advertiser pays for the ad campaign based on its performance. With a CPA pricing plan, your business only spends money on the advertisement when a viewer is converted to a customer. This pricing model is particularly effective if your brand’s website has a strong record of closing sales.

Your business can use a CPA pricing model to attract the right audience, bring valuable clicks to your website, and implement a digital advertising strategy your brand can be proud of.

In a cost per click (CPC) marketing campaign, your business pays for each time your advertisement receives a click. The cost per click is influenced by various factors including your maximum budget, the ad position of other advertisers bidding for the same keyword or phrase, and the Quality Score of your ad. In a successful digital ad campaign, these clicks and costs add up fast. It’s important to partner with a digital marketing agency who can offer your brand a fair and effective CPC strategy, so your business sees a profitable ROI.

Cost per impression (CPM) is an advertising pricing model where a business pays for every time the advertisement is shown regardless if it receives a click or not. A CPM pricing method is particularly effective in raising general brand awareness, delivering a certain business message, or promoting a specific product or service. Even if a viewer doesn’t click on the ad, your business still earns increased brand recognition and enhances its digital identity from the placement of the advertisement.

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