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Does HTTPS Affect Search Engine Optimization

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, known commonly as HTTPS, is the secure version of HTTP. In order to be classified as secure, a website must procure an SSL certificate which garners the HTTPS designation. This certificate ensures a secure connection, particularly for those sites that transfer sensitive information, such as

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How to Write the Best Meta Descriptions

A meta description is a 150-160 character snippet that summarizes the contents of a certain webpage. Meta descriptions are coded in HTML onto the page itself, but they only display on search engine result pages (SERP). For example, when you type into Google, “How to find the right career,” this is one of the top results

What is semantic search

What Is Semantic Search?

What Is Semantic Search? Semantic search is a search method utilized by Google that analyzes user intent through context and content to generate and order search results. When a term or phrase is searched on the web, Google provides (and the user expects) a result that is relevant to the search phrase. The context of

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Ten Tools For Digital Marketing Campaigns

Ten Tools For Digital Marketing Campaigns Digital marketing is the process of using posts, landing pages, and advertising campaigns (paid and social), to target both new customers and current customers, and to then measure both the customer acquisition costs and conversion rates. Digital marketing campaigns are customer centric, and are structured around inbound marketing techniques.

The Most Important Person In Your Business

A prospective client recently sent me an email that began, “In the last year, our plastic surgery practice has spent significant marketing dollars in digital and social media, and yet our sales have remained the same.” With the email, he attached a PDF that summarized their SEO campaign. I looked through the report, and the

Do You Love Your Dog? The One Question Litmus Test

For me, all dog owners are divided into two categories- owners that are “dog lovers,” and the owners “who love their dog.” It takes a special person to be a member of the second category of “loving their dog.” Membership in the “loving your dog” club is limited and for the elite. You can’t just

Why Way Less is Way Better

Over the last two years, one of my digital marketing clients in the skin care industry has made a concerted effort to expand her customer base using Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Over time, and through quality posts illustrating the advantages of her products, her social media reach had dramatically expanded and grown into loyal skin

A Simple Step Towards Great Customer Service

I will admit it; I am obsessed with customer service. For a small business owner, there is no better return on investment than providing outrageous customer service. As a business, it costs absolutely ZERO to provide your customers great customer service, and the return is always substantial and significant. What is one of the fastest

Five Ways a Business Can Improve Reviews

Reviews have become essential for one simply reason- the sequence of when the consumer reads a review. With the migration to mobile and online shopping, today’s consumer has first chosen a product or restaurant category, or type of service- then seeks reviews, and then clicks to buy. Think about it. If you are going out

Master the College Interview

This post reflects the opinions solely of the author and not necessarily those of Princeton University. Every fall for the last few years, I have participated in the alumni interview program for my alma mater, Princeton University. Like many colleges, Princeton uses the interview process as a part of the application— in an effort to