Air Conditioning Specialist, also known as ACS, is a leading HVAC service provider for residential and commercial properties in Milledgeville, Covington, and other surrounding Georgia areas. With a completely revamped brand and website layout, ACS uses endearing social messaging and informative web copy to promote heating and cooling to the Georgians who need it most.

Branding / Original Content / Photography / SEO / Social Media / Video Production / Website Design / Paid Media
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Refreshing the brand

ACS needed to revitalize its brand with compelling messaging and imaging that leaves a lasting impression in today’s competitive HVAC market. Our team developed a captivating brand voice and visual portfolio showcasing the brand’s topical authority and endearing charm. As a result, ACS’s unique voice and brand identity shine through as consumers explore their HVAC services and expertise options. 

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Content & Social Media

To elevate ACS’s online presence and improve its SEO, our team implemented a comprehensive social media and content strategy for its website and social media platforms. Our digital specialists and content writers worked together to increase ACS’ brand engagement across all social channels through consistent Instagram and Facebook posts and detailed blogs incorporating relevant industry concepts and keywords. 

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Website Development

To complement the brand’s revamped voice, messaging, and overall brand identity, our team updated the ACS’ website design to match the brand’s new energy. Working towards a sleeker aesthetic and more user-friendly experience, our website developers created an eye-catching new website with a seamless interface that speaks to ACS’ brand identity and client experience standards.