Tabañero is a leading manufacturer of 100% natural, hand-crafted hot sauces, spice blends, and cocktail mixes in the United States. With a complete brand refresh and website redesign, the company relies on vibrant messaging and imaging to target today’s hot sauce lovers.
Branding / Original Content / Photography / SEO / Social Media / Video Production / Website Design / Paid Media


Strengthening Brand Identity

Tabañero needed a total brand refresh with consistent and lively messaging and imaging that tells a cohesive brand story and positions the company higher in today’s crowded hot sauce market. Our team developed a comprehensive brand voice and image that aligns with 

business standards and leverages the company’s use of the crown in its logo for implementation across all forms of digital collateral. The result is a much stronger brand identity that connects with customers and fosters a fresh and quirky brand experience.


Website Development

Optimizing the Consumer Journey

With a complete brand refresh, Tabañero needed a website update that aligned with the new brand voice, messaging, and goals. Our website designers crafted a stunning website with a seamless interface that reflects Tabañero’s brand identity, aligns with brand standards, and is optimized for high visibility and an improved user experience.

Social Media

To elevate branding efforts and improve brand visibility, our team developed a complete social media strategy optimized for each platform. Through engaging product-focused TikToks, monthly themed Spotify playlists, interactive Instagram stories, and consistent static posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, our social media team increased brand engagement across social channels and elevated Tabañero’s online presence. Additionally, we actively monitor all pages and develop branded campaigns to increase engagement.

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