Aborder Products

Aborder Products, a company specializing in the development of high-quality consumer products at the lowest price possible, needed a team of creatives to take its product photography and videography to the next level. We produced stunning shots and videos that accurately reflected the quality of products and delivered each project at a quick turnaround rate.

Photography / Video Production



When competing on giant e-commerce websites, beautiful product photography is non-negotiable. Bearpaw Partners completed a series of photoshoots to capture each product and highlight its features. These photos were used to display the high-quality products on e-commerce websites, like Amazon, to attract more clicks and influence shoppers.


Our videographers developed a series of videos to enrich each of Aborder’s product listings. From writing scripts that matched the brand voice and filming dynamic shots to sourcing high-quality voiceovers and producing advanced graphics, our team delivered cutting-edge videos that accurately represent Aborder Products to drive sales.