Actizone™ is a disinfection cleaner that is truly unique. It is one of the only disinfection cleaners available that protects surfaces for 24 hours. Actizone™ kills more than 99.9% of germs and is a consumer favorite with its residue-free finish. Given the climate of 2020, this brand needed an entire creative refresh.
Copy Writing / Branding / Animation


Creating a Household Brand

To start the project, Actizone™ needed a logo redesign and tagline refresh. Using the brand standards set in place, we completely redesigned the logo for a more modern, sleek look. The logo mark design and tagline were developed to tell the true brand story in a way that could be understood globally, especially during a pandemic where protection from germs and viruses is paramount. For the brand refresh, we delivered all logo assets, logo book, and brand book.

Website Development

Amplifying the Brand Identity

In addition to the logo assets, we developed dozens of creative assets to help establish the new brand identity. These assets included organic social media posts, paid social media ads, email banners, stickers, product flyer, and brand pitch presentation.

Original Content

Starting with the new tagline, we were responsible for revamping all copy associated with the brand. Our content team developed all of the copy for the brand website, emails, press release, brochure, and brand presentation. Check out our copy writing content on their website.

Take a deeper dive

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