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Big League Advantage

Big League Advantage (BLA) invests in the careers of collegiate and professional athletes to help them reach the next level of competition. With ingeniously unique algorithms, BLA provides only the most promising players with an upfront lump sum of capital, empowering them to avoid potentially detrimental financial obstacles and improve their focus and performance. By developing a trustworthy, modern, and appealing brand that reflects their innovative business model, BLA plans to expand their roster into the thousands. 

Video Production / Photography / Social Media / Website Design / Branding / Graphics and Animation 

Big Leaguge Advantage- Jazz Chisholm
Big Leaguge Advantage- Bryan Abreu

Video Production

Capturing Big-Time Moments

As perhaps the most crucial of mediums, eye-catching video production is an extremely compelling tool, especially in the sports world. Our skillful team of videographers filmed at sporting and charity events to conduct and capture a variety of encapsulating visuals, which we used to tell BLA’s story and resonate with their target audience of high-priority prospects. 

Additionally, our video production experts edited a wealth of previously recorded footage to align with the newly developed brand direction.

Big Leaguge Advantage- Ricky Stromberg Arkansas Footballpng

Social Media and Website Design

Showcasing the Brand

Our team of digital creators helped BLA revamp their social media presence and showcase the brand to the world with a revitalized website design. We established a trustworthy cadence of electrifying social media content and delivered a modern, interactive website that tells the brand’s story through engaging interviews and player highlights.

Big Leaguge Advantage- Spencer Steer
BLA Chas McCormick

Social Media

Website Design and Graphics

Our hands-on social media team helped BLA grow their social media presence through several platforms, with a focus on Instagram. By continuously testing the algorithm and establishing a trustworthy cadence of high-quality content—such as inquisitive polls, captivating Reels, stunning graphics, and more—we were able to deliver a reputable and professional social media brand. This helped BLA attract an extensive list of athletes and portray a business model that is more appealing to valuable investors.

BLA’s website and graphics serve as an online business card, and keeping these aspects fresh, simple, and lively is imperative to conveying transparency and trustworthiness. With a total web revamp that showcases our outstanding video and graphic work, BLA’s new web presence is truly worth flaunting, and it provides visitors and prospects with a sense of empowerment.