ISX Consulting

ISX is an Identity and Access Management (IAM) consulting firm that uncovers points of vulnerability and constructs complex security frameworks designed to predict, detect, and respond smarter.
Website Design / Branding / Original Content / Search Engine Optimization


Refreshing the brand

Our graphic designers updated the existing outdated soft logo to a modern, bold one. The new logo uses simple shapes for timeless feel that can be used for future branding work and elements. The new logo concept was created with that in mind—a logo that lives up to the bold, techy, futuristic look, while still remaining simple enough to identify the brand.
Using the sleek 45° angles, future brand work can be made with this diagonal element from social posts to print media. Additionally, considering the company’s tech focus, we used the forward slash “/” and greater than symbol “>” as used in code to implement as bullet symbols and other elements for the brand.

Website Development

A modern take on the old look

Our web developers worked closely with the ISX team to build a fully responsive, SEO-friendly website that elevates their brand identity. ISX informed our team of their basic wants and needs, and our web developers refreshed their existing website with a user-friendly site architecture, optimized and more enticing on-page copy, and cutting-edge graphics that stand out against the competition.

Search Engine Optimization

Our team performed in-depth research to identify the brand’s most valuable keywords and created a detailed SEO strategy to implement throughout the website. We optimized each page for title and meta descriptions, as well as on-page content structured around the brand’s desired keywords, to outrank their competitors in search.

Take a deeper dive

Scroll and browse through the new webpages below in our interactive view. Simply click one of the page buttons you wish to preview and the live view will update.