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Proceller8 manufactures high-quality vitamins and supplements to support healthy and active consumers. Bearpaw Partners worked with the company to build out a video marketing strategy to support several product launches and assist in developing its first-ever annual conference, which was hosted completely online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Graphic Design / Video Production
FINAL Proceller8 Video screenshot30


Proceller8 worked with Bearpaw Partners to host its first annual conference, a 2-hour event that included messages from leadership, training sessions, testimonials from product users, annual top earner highlights, and fun, interactive break sessions. Bearpaw Partners created professional, custom graphics for the event that used the company’s branding guidelines to


As part of its sub-branding initiative, Proceller8 launched P8, a sub-brand of the company that manufactures products designed for the gaming community. Our team developed a detailed branding strategy that established the sub-brand’s look and feel and implemented these brand standards throughout the development of its website and product labels.