Pumps for Mom

Through a simple online form, Pumps for Mom helps thousands of mothers get a breast pump through insurance. As a company, it primarily focuses on pediatric populations and new mothers.
Search Engine Optimization / Social Media / Paid Search / Social Media Advertising

Search Engine Optimization

Boosting Online Visibility

An important goal for Pumps for Mom is overall online visibility. To start this process, we optimized the entire Pumps for Mom website. Every page on the site has an optimal SEO title and meta description and includes a multitude of content that is structured around desired keywords.
In addition to on-page SEO, we consistently add optimized blog content based on desired keywords. This keyword-specific content is search engine optimized and answers some of the most highly searched questions surrounding breast pumps and breastfeeding. This content helps give the Pumps for Mom website topical authority and earn higher page rankings on search engines.

SEO Services

Highly-Targeted Paid Media

To complement the organic SEO efforts, Pumps for Mom asked us to implement a paid search campaign through Google Ads to drive users to fill out its online form. Before launching the campaigns, we developed keyword and competitive research in order to target the most relevant keywords and bid against competitors spending the most on Google Ads.

We structured the campaigns around those keyword buckets and targeted personas. Since implementing this search campaign, the leads generated through its website has more than tripled, and form submissions have grown tremendously.

Social Media Advertising

In addition to paid search, we continued to increase form submissions by implementing a targeted campaign through Facebook and Instagram. This campaign was structured around users with any interests or identifications surrounding motherhood, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and more. Since implementing, the form submissions continue to grow and social has proved to become the advertising platform with the lowest cost per acquisition.

Social Media

To continue the online visibility growth for Pumps for Mom, we created brand social media accounts. Now, Pumps for Mom has a Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter account, and Pinterest account. We create original social content on all platforms to reach new audiences and join in on industry conversations.