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St. Timothy’s School

St. Timothy’s School, an Episcopal school in Raleigh, North Carolina, fosters an environment of academic, spiritual, and physical excellence for its students. The school was looking for a more cohesive brand message to share across marketing collateral and admissions communications to reach and connect with more prospective families and to elevate its online presence.

Branding / Original Content / Photography / SEO / Social Media / Video Production / Website Design / Paid Media

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Refreshing the brand

St. Timothy’s School needed a brand refresh to ensure all marketing materials and brand communications delivered a consistent message that aligns with the school’s mission and values.
Our team collaborated with teachers, administrators, and families at St. Timothy’s School to develop a strong branding initiative that accurately reflects the school’s environment with a compelling brand voice, stunning images, and a detailed email strategy.

Social Media

A modern take on the old look

We developed monthly social media calendars with branded copy, custom graphics, and stunning photos that align with St. Timothy’s branding efforts and contribute to a stronger digital presence. Every post is optimized to improve performance and increase engagement on each specific social media platform, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Paid Media

We developed a comprehensive paid media strategy that reflects St. Timothy’s brand image and voice and continuously made adjustments based on each ad’s performance. Additionally, every ad campaign is completely optimized for specific demographics to get the school in front of the most valuable audiences.


We scheduled several photoshoots on-campus to capture images that accurately reflect the St. Timothy School environment. These photos were used to improve the look and feel of the website design and to enhance the school’s social media presence.