StopHIV Atlanta is a nonprofit organization that delivers harm reduction tools and promotes sexual health advocacy to under-resourced communities across metro Atlanta counties. Looking to Bearpaw Partners for their emerging brand needs, StopHIV Atlanta and their Neighborhood Union project use sex-positive and queer-inclusive messaging to deliver critical information on sexual health, HIV resources, substance user health, Mpox, community, events and more.

Branding / Original Content / Photography / SEO / Social Media / Video Production / Website Design / Paid Media
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Empowering the Brand

StopHIV Atlanta’s mission required powerful visuals and a playful, conversational tone to resonate with the communities disproportionately affected by the HIV epidemic in the metropolitan area. Our team developed stunning visuals and a brand voice characterized by its wit, inclusivity, modernity, and positivity.

The Neighborhood Union project boasts striking graphics and thought-provoking calls to action that encourage individuals with a relationship with drugs to use StopHIV-provided tools to avoid overdose-related deaths. 

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Website Development

Mastering the User Experience

Our team developed the StopHIV Atlanta website and effectively implemented an intuitive, user-friendly website layout showcasing the nonprofit’s missions and goals. StopHIV Atlanta’s newest website was developed with the user in mind: offering a flawless user journey and a sleek design that delineates clear routes towards accessing the brand’s critical and gratuitous resources.

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Social Media

Our team of social media strategists crafted a social media presence for StopHIV that spread awareness and established them as an authority on hot-topic issues, including sex education, HIV prevention and treatment, demystifying Mpox, and more.

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Additionally, we executed a strong SEO strategy to ensure StopHIV became the authority for HIV resources and substance user safety in Atlanta. With proper keyword research, newsletters, press releases, and Spanish-language content, StopHIV’s discoverability skyrocketed.