The Dyslexia Resource

The Dyslexia Resource is a non-profit launched by The Schenck School to share resources for struggling readers and now serves as an industry leader in the national dyslexia community. Bearpaw Partners worked with The Dyslexia Resource to develop a multi-faceted approach to elevate its digital marketing strategy and increase brand awareness across the country.
Branding / Original Content, Photography / SEO / Social Media, Video Production / Website Design / Paid Media

Original Content

Refreshing the brand

Using both insight from the experts at The Dyslexia Resource and our own advanced software systems, our writers developed an extensive content strategy around the most valuable keywords in the industry.

Through blog writing and website updates, we produced a consistent content strategy that was optimized for search, ensured top visibility, and improved credibility in the dyslexia space.


Website Development

A modern take on the old look

The Dyslexia Resource needed a website that was up-to-date with stunning designs and user-friendly navigation that would attract more visitors and elevate its online presence. Our website developers worked closely with The Dyslexia Resource to deliver a website that reflects the brand identity, mission, and values through cutting-edge graphics, a seamless user experience, and completely optimized pages.

Social Media

With a mix of branded imagery and custom graphics that align with The Dyslexia Resource’s standard and style guidelines, we established a strong social media presence across multiple social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These social posts have increased engagement, improved shareability, and contribute to the brand recognition The Dyslexia Resource has received across the nation.

Take a deeper dive

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