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The Schenck School

The Schenck School is a private educational institution with a focus on remediating students with language and reading differences located in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Recognizing the need to showcase how their students thrive, develop incredible potential, and successfully move on to traditional instruction, The Schenck School looked to Bearpaw Partners for their digital marketing needs.

Branding / Original Content / Photography / SEO / Social Media / Video Production / Website Design / Paid Media
Video Production

Telling the Brand Story

The Schenck School aims to make a lasting impact on their community and reach thousands of struggling readers outside of their campus. Therefore, they needed our team of videographers to film an array of their events and expert panels. Through video, The Schenck School was able to resonate with their target audience, who recognize their mission and trust them as an authority on the subject of reading remediation.


Revamping the Brand

To ensure The Schenck School’s message and success stories reached far and wide, Bearpaw Partners developed a strategy to create impactful branding that would revamp the school’s digital presence. With the help of Bearpaw Partners, The Schenck School now stands out among other private institutions across the city thanks to the optimistic, informative voice on its platforms. Additionally, the school is now able to communicate its missions, goals, and events with impressive and striking graphics.

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Bearpaw Partners revamped The Schenck School website and efficiently implemented a user-friendly website layout. Our team implemented a striking balance between aesthetic design choices and navigational ease to deliver an unforgettable user journey through the website. 

Visitors of The Schenck School website can easily navigate through it and find resources, mission statements, and other critical information.


Social Media

When The Schenck School desired a robust social media presence to establish their identity and platforms, the Bearpaw Partner’s digital media got to work. We crafted a social media strategy based on keywords and hashtags that would grant The Schenck School visibility, therefore, allowing them to reach their target audience. Bearpaw Partner’s team of social media strategists made The Schenck School an authority and trailblazer in the Atlanta private school sphere. timely posts that align with the school’s branding guidelines, improve communication, and connect with its online community. Every social post is optimized for each specific social platform and contributes to the school’s overall brand awareness.