Case Studies

Client- AMMEX

Type of Business- A multi-national corporation and global leader in disposable gloves and barrier protection products.   Established in 1988, AMMEX now has offices in the United States, Philippines, China, and Malaysia.

Scope of Work- Work with an existing and experienced marketing department to add digital marketing expertise. The scope of work included SEO, original content, and social media.

At a Glance Results- Number of unique website pages that rank up from 15 to 53 in last 12 months. In the top 5 of SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for 29 keywords, up from 3 keywords twelve months ago. The number of organic keywords has grown from 350 over 1,100 in the last twelve months. The number of monthly visitors to the website has grown from 3,950 to 14,400 in the last twelve months.

Strategy- Create an extensive library of topically relevant content that builds a topical authority around the AMMEX head terms- nitrile gloves, latex gloves, vinyl gloves, and poly gloves. Use internal links to show relationships of products within the site, as well as increase the number of external links into products on the website.

Some Extras- In addition to the front-end website, we built AMMEX a partner portal for their distributors to log-in and download “protected” content.

Client- All American Healthcare

Type of Business- An integrated health provider with physicians, chiropractors, and nurse practitioners. All American Healthcare has clinics throughout Louisiana, and was recently chosen as one of the “100 Fastest Growing LSU Led Businesses.”

Scope of Work- Build a WordPress site with a domain and five sub-domains. The site needed to tell the All American Healthcare Story, differentiate itself from competitors, and be a constant lead generator for new patients. For SEO, the sub-domains needed to rank on the first page both organically and in the Google Local Pack.

At a Glance Results- Within three months of the launch of the sites, the All American Locations all ranked in the top three of their respective markets and were all in the top three of the Google Local Pack. One year after launch, call volume to each clinic had increased a minimum of 32% year over year, and at one location year over year call volume had increased as high as 44%. In 2014, All American Healthcare was selected as the “Best Chiropractor in Louisiana.”

Strategy- Write original content blog posts that were optimized for SEO, as well as social media posts; both of which were targeted to a ten-mile radius around each clinic. Use social media ads and pay per click ads to promote those posts.

Some Extras- Watch a video we made about Dr. Chip Curtis, the founder of All American Healthcare.

Client- FishFit

Type of Business– FishFit is both a brand and a person. Fish (as he is known on the PGA Tour) is a golf fitness coach known for his philosophy of functional strength and stretching training, combined with golf specific motor learning drills. Most recently, he worked on the PGA Tour, for a two-time Master’s Champion, Bubba Watson.

Scope of Work– Build a website that clearly captured the brand of FishFit, and the FishFit philosophy on peak performance for PGA Golfers. The website also need to act as a showcase for the 250 instructional videos from the FishFit library. For user experience, the website needed to be easy to navigate and sort through the hundreds of instructional videos. For SEO, the site needed to rank well in the highly competitive golf industry.

At a Glance Results– As a result of targeted Twitter and Facebook campaigns, the FishFit site averaged 1,000 new visitors a day within sixty days of launch. For SEO, one year after the website launch, the targeted keywords moved from the sixth or seventh page of SERP, to the front page, and within the top five of organic search.

Strategy– Use very targeted campaign audiences (low handicap golfers, collegiate golfers, professional golfers) to promote the original content videos and posts about Fish and the FishFit lifestyle. Increase the authority of the FishFit website through articles on high authority domains, and linking those articles with targeted keywords.

Some Extras– Watch the story of Fish and FishFit.

Client- Asymmetrex

Type of Business– Asymmetrex is a biotechnology startup that licenses patented biomarkers that detect adult stem cells, cancer stem cells, and methods to produce adult stem cells.

Scope of Work– Build a website that provided a unique and interactive experience for potential Asymmetrex customers. The site needed to keep visitors engaged and entertained, while at the same time, explaining the highly technical field of regenerative medicine. In addition, the project required the development of brand identity and logo, videos, and motion graphics. The Asymmetrex website and digital marketing campaigns were also to be a source of customer leads.

At a Glance Results– Organic traffic increased 75% year over year, all while maintaining a bounce rate of less than 30%, and an average time on site of more than three minutes.

Strategy– Emphasized targeted social media campaigns and landing pages that pushed leads down the marketing funnel and resulted in conversion rates of 5% or more. Used a blog strategy that built brand awareness and trust, and whose content was often re-distributed by national publications and journals.

Some Extras– Watch the Asymmetrex motion graphics.

Our Clients Say It Best


As a multinational corporation and global leader in disposable gloves, AMMEX was looking for a digital marketing agency with extensive experience in SEO. Our initial list of expectations was encompassing and included website traffic to keyword rankings. In less than a year, Bearpaw Partners delivered. Year over year, website traffic was up more than 75%, there are 29 keywords in the top 5 of SERP (Search Engine Results Page) as compared to 3 keywords a year ago, and there are 1,100 ranking keywords as compared to 350 ranking keywords at the start of the project. Fred Crosetto, CEO


I recently attended a workshop sponsored by MassBio to teach the essentials of an effective social media program. I discovered that Bearpaw Partners were beyond the curve. This group has proven accomplished in addressing the special needs for a uniquely sensitive media space; and they have never lost sight of the importance of my retaining control of Asymmetrex’s brand and messaging. Smart, creative, responsive, reliable, and an fun partner in the success of my new business.