Social Media

Our social media marketing experts use brand-specific strategies to establish reliable connections between your brand and your target customers, extend your business’s reach to new audiences, and increase your lead-to-sale conversion rates. We design social media campaigns that align with your brand’s values, marketing objectives, and fiscal goals to develop a distinct brand message, secure useful customer relationships, and drive greater web traffic.

Improved Brand Awareness

Social media marketing boosts brand visibility and strengthens consumer loyalty by promoting on-trend, engaging posts to meet your marketing objectives. Our team of marketing experts is dedicated to heightening the visibility of your brand to generate valuable leads, drive web traffic, and deliver a high return on investment (ROI). We craft original social media content centered around your business’s message to increase online conversations about your brand.

Enhanced Engagement

Social media platforms initiate two-way communication to form stronger consumer connection and loyalty by devising a direct interaction between your business and its target audience. Our team of experts carefully monitors your social media performance to fine-tune your brand’s campaign and discover the most effective strategy to meet your marketing needs and promote greater lead conversions.

Increased Web Traffic

Social media posts promote conversion opportunities through links to your website, blog, or specific products or services. Bearpaw Partners works with our clients to devise engaging social media campaigns with compelling graphics, photos, and copy that instigate more interactions with targeted audiences, drive traffic to your website, and increase your sales.

Real-Time Data Analytics

Social media analytics allow for real-time data and campaign monitoring to review the success of current marketing strategies and fine-tune them for future efforts. Our team of experts continually monitors your business’s social media platforms and generates custom reports to track specific parameters for a unique, brand-specific campaign strategy. We track metrics including your brand’s account activity, shares, likes, and follower growth to drive sales and secure a high ROI.