Video Production

The video production team at Bearpaw Partners constructs creative, meaningful content, combining dynamic visuals and messaging to generate results. We work closely with your business to develop a video marketing strategy that evokes emotion in your target audience to promote sales, shares, connections, and conversation. Our experts offer years of experience in video production and can efficiently identify your objectives, heighten your brand identity, and speak directly to your target audience.

Compelling Storytelling

The best video storylines develop relationships, build brand credibility, and deliver a brand’s message. Through engaging, compelling storytelling and inventive visual content, Bearpaw Partners delivers cutting-edge video production services that impact both prospective and current customers.

Authentic Brand Culture

With the right techniques, video allows a business to break away from more commonly used media and humanize a brand through culture, stories, or animations. Bearpaw Partners works closely with your team to understand your brand story and the conversations your audience is having about your products and services. When you work with us, your business receives an extensive video production strategy that conveys your brand’s personality through gripping visuals, artistic settings, and vibrant themes that speak directly to your target audience.

Video Hosting Options

Amazing video content must be supported by the best hosting platform to ensure optimal load time, maximum compatibility, and minimum complications. Based on the type of content you want to host, the audience preferences, the need for streaming or sharing, the monetization requirements, and the amount of customization your video requires, we host your videos on top-quality platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Vimeo, Wistia, and Vidyard.

High-Quality Leads

Video production is an effective way to educate consumers about your business and generate new leads. Bearpaw Partners uses all the video platforms and social media channels to effectively engage your target audience and establish a connection with your viewers through video clips, longer videos, and webinars to generate new, valuable leads.