Google Analytics

From tracking the conversion rates of pay-per-click ads to delving deeply into the key performance indicators (KPI) of organic content, there are few metrics that can’t be closely followed and analyzed. There’s no guesswork when it comes to digital marketing; it all hinges on data that is constantly being collected and analyzed both by our industry-leading tools and by our team of SEO and SEM experts. At Bearpaw, we believe in the art of storytelling and the beauty of branding, but we also subscribe to the precise science of data analysis. The marriage of those concepts leads to undeniable success that can be measured, tracked, and ultimately improved. Even though perfection isn’t a truly attainable goal when it comes to digital marketing, our SEO and SEM experts at Bearpaw strive tirelessly to reach for it every single day. Our clients don’t just trust us on our word; we have the undeniable proof to back up our claims, and we’re proud to share our numbers across the board—because, at the end of the day, they’re more than just numbers. They’re the heart and soul of your business; they’re representative of your customers, consumers, and fans. What’s more important than that?

Google Analytics

Once upon a time, to learn about your audience and their habits and interactions with your company, you had to conduct survey after survey. Even then, you could never be sure if you were capturing an accurate picture of your target demographics, and there was no guarantee that respondents were being truthful. These days, thanks to nifty tools like Google Analytics, we can leave those outmoded information-gathering tactics in the dust. Google Analytics allows us to monitor all of the different pages on your website using a tracking code that gives us myriad insights into how consumers interact with your pages. From those insights, we can piece together an analysis of where they are in the buyer’s journey—and how to better encourage them toward conversion. With Google Analytics, we have been able to improve engagement substantially and virtually skyrocket click-through-rates for all of our clients.

Furthermore, Google Analytics lets us measure the time spent by each visitor on your site, track several different user interactions, keep an eye on site speed and performance, and get an idea of the geolocation of your various visitors. Through Google Analytics, we’re able to easily measure impressions, clicks, and click-through rates (CTR) for all of the separate elements on your pages. For each of our clients, we track not only the engagement with your site and analyze what that means about the content of each page, but we also pay special attention to conversions, so that we are better able to formulate an informed plan for how to increase your site’s conversion rate over time. It’s certainly a process, but it’s one that we are confident that we’ve mastered.


Have you ever wondered what sets your competitors apart? Have you secretly considered employing a spy to gather precious intel from your direct competition? Luckily, you don’t have to resort to subversive tactics to get the answers you’re looking for. SpyFu allows Bearpaw to gain unique insights into the search engine marketing strategies of your most successful competitors. SpyFu doesn’t just play for the organic content team with its specialized keyword strategy research; it also goes to bat for pay-per-click ads to help you leave your competitors in the dust both through SEO and SEM precision.


MarketMuse is more than just a tool that Bearpaw uses to perfect the SEO content we create; it’s a way of life for our writers. Before MarketMuse, we were writing stellar content that provided amazing results effectively and efficiently. Now that we have this semantic content optimization tool on our side, though, we have taken our content strategy to the next level and beyond. Time and time again, we have wrung our articles through the MarketMuse tool, and we’ve been able to identify the weakest parts of our strategy and strengthen them to the point where we’re absolutely certain our writing is the most in-depth, engaging, and SEO-driven content on the web. On a consistent basis, our articles outrank the competition by a landslide.

Don’t be fooled. These aren’t the only tools we’re putting to work for our clients. Among the other software as a service (SaaS) we expertly employ are:  

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