Content That Stands Out

Content creation starts by developing “buyer personas” for the customers to whom you will be selling and marketing. Hupspot defined a buyer persona as, “groups that you define to represent the different buyers you commonly come across in your marketing and sales process. Your buyer persona might be defined by things like industry, company size, and location.” You should have several buyer personas at minimum. For example, if you sell fishing gear, one persona could be the experienced fresh water angler who ties her own flies. Another persona could be the salt water deep sea fisherman who has only be fishing a year. In this example, the approach by both the marketing and sales teams would be drastically different; as the two fisherman may have different demographics, different objections to your products, and different resources they use to make a purchase. Once the buyer personas are defined, it is time to start crafting original content that suites each persona. This includes on-page copy, links, meta page titles and meta keywords, and the end user experience you intend for each persona. This is also an opportune time to look at you competitors, who they are targeting, and what content they are using to target their varying personas. With all this data in hand, it is time to start your PPC campaign. We have an extensive list of educational videos on original content marketing that can be viewed on our YouTube Channel. Bearpaw Partners is a marketing agency specializing in original content creation. We help small businesses in every field- call us today for your free 30 minute consultation.

Content Differentiates

Social media can inundate us with data from not only our friends, but also the companies we follow. Compelling content is the deciding factor that can drives sales.

Content Drives Customers

Content drives prospects, customers and reinforces your brand.

Creates Loyalty

Well written articles and posts create customers who are loyal and passionate about what you do.

Tell A Story

Everyone is busy and the internet is noisy. Tell a good story and people will read, share and promote the articles you have written.