Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Now more than ever, social media marketing takes precedence in the digital sphere; no digital marketing strategy is complete without a thorough social media plan. Because it’s such a diverse market, though, it can seem overwhelming. You may assume that you need to tap into every available platform, but that’s not the case. Our social marketing gurus at Bearpaw know just how to assess your client base and your brand to find the perfect fit. When you’re able to conquer two social media platforms completely, you’ll have greater success in spreading your message and increasing awareness of your products and/or services.

When it comes to social media marketing, quality always wins out over quantity. That’s not to say, though, that your posts should be few and far between. Quite the contrary, in fact. It’s actually more about finding the peak time to post. We have special analytics tools at Bearpaw that help us to pinpoint the precise times when engagement across all of the platforms will be highest for any given post. This allows us to broaden your reach and keep both your new and existing followers interested and informed.

Brilliant Blog Articles

Organic inbound marketing starts with authority-building blog articles. But it isn’t enough just to write content and publish it to your blog. Each blog should be a work of art that speaks to the core of your brand’s message. In order to propel your content to the top of the search engine results page (SERP), your blog articles must be SEO-friendly. Luckily, all of our writers are not only well-versed in crafting addictive articles, they’re also trained experts in the art and science of search engine optimization (SEO). In addition, each of the articles we create will gain traction and add interest to your social media pages, which will, in turn, allow for greater word-of-mouth marketing when your articles start being shared by your followers and their friends.

The key to native advertising and inbound marketing is to make it feel as though it were simply answering a question that end users didn’t even realize they had.

Visually Enticing Videos

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then videos are veritable novels in under 30 seconds. In order to grab the attention of your online audience, it’s important to invest in visually enticing videos that tell your story in an effective and efficient manner. You don’t need more than a minute to convince a consumer to become a committed customer. Videos are also a fantastic way to increase your search engine ranking quickly and organically, and they’re some of the most powerful branding tools around. At Bearpaw, we are fluent in filming and editing mobile-optimized videos that showcase the best of what our clients have to offer.

Gripping Graphics

Speaking of pictures being worth a thousand words, on social media, the content that gains the most traction, garners the most shares, and hits all of the ROI marks contains at least some element of graphic design or photography—often both in conjunction. The team at Bearpaw comprises some of the most creative graphic designers and visually attuned social media artists in the digital marketing realm. Our designers have a keen eye for on-brand, gripping graphics that tell a story—your story.  

Compelling Content

The final piece of the social media puzzle is the tagline: the compelling content that leaves your followers wanting to know more about your brand. Each social media platform requires specialized knowledge of trends and vernacular that are particular to their subscribers. We speak each social media language fluently, and we’re more than capable of code-switching to reach each audience in a way that makes sense for the platform. Trending topics fuel us for breakfast, and we live and die by the latest updates in the field of social media marketing. Like everything else we do, we care about doing the best work possible as an agency and delivering the highest quality content—whether it’s a 140-character tweet or a 3,000-word cornerstone article; it’s all important and valuable for your brand.