Social Media Marketing (SMM)

There are no shortcuts in social media marketing. You gain influence as more and more people on the social networks “find” your compelling content, read it, bookmark it, and then share with their friends. One certain way to completely fall on your face, is the “hard” sell without the reputation or social standing to back it up.  The best social media marketing campaigns engage the user and get them to share a post or a product offering without even realizing what they have done. A second mistake in social media marketing is to try to conquer every single social network. The best strategy is to pick two social networks and really concentrate your efforts. If you have numerous products and they are very “visual,” start with Pinterest and Instagram. If you sell a service, try Youtube and Google Hangouts for videos. Tumblr is very popular for GIF’s, and Twitter is a favorite of businesses trying to make connections with other individuals or businesses in their industry. In summary, there is no secret recipe, and while you should certainly have a presence on every social media platform, it is important to choose content and quality over quantity. Visit our social media board on Pinterest, watch a Comcast commercial for one of our clients on YouTube,  or listen to some our our radio commercials on Soundcloud. Bearpaw Partners is a digital marketing agency specializing in social media marketing (SMM). We help small businesses in every field- call us today for your free 30 minute consultation.


Start with a blog. Write original content, and post at least two to three times a week. Follow other bloggers in your industry, and repost your blogs across all your social media networks.


Utilize twitter tools to discover prominent and influential Twitter accounts in your industry. Use hashtags so that your tweets appear on trending topics in your industry. Re-tweet often and grow your Twitter following by ten people a day.

Get Visual

Social media is very visual. Showcase your products through Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Flickr. Infographics are an easy way to share your message on social media.

Make Videos

Videos are fantastic way to increase SEO organically; and are an excellent branding tool. Videos look great on mobile devices, and get your brand in front of a wide audience.