Website Design

There are few better ways to make your brand stand out against the competition than with a stunning, easy-to-navigate website. While it’s simple to find someone to design and build a website for you—and you can even create one yourself using basic templates—you won’t be able to find a more professional look and feel than the design and functionality that Bearpaw offers. Our programmers and UX/UI designers have years of experience and an ear to the ground when it comes to the latest trends. When you trust Bearpaw to design and manage your website, you’re putting your company in the hands of the best in the business. At Bearpaw, we firmly believe that clean website design not only represents and reflects your brand well, but it also has the distinct ability to entice and retain visitors so that they purchase your product or service. Aesthetically pleasing design draws visitors in, but it’s the intuitive navigation that keeps them clicking through all the way to your shopping cart.

Clean, Simple Design

Clean, simple website design lets your brand messaging steal the spotlight it so rightly deserves. The emphasis of your website should always be on your product or service promise. When you clear away the clutter and let what you offer speak for itself, you’re far more likely to keep consumers interested and bought in to your brand. If you’ve ever experienced an overly complicated website that distracts the end user with obnoxious extras, you recognize the need for simplicity in design and functionality. You don’t need all the bells and whistles to conduct a captivating symphony.

Eye-Catching Product Imaging

Pictures really are worth 1,000 words—and on the web, they’re worth so much more. It’s almost unbelievable how rapidly the mind can process images: it only takes 13 milliseconds to absorb and interpret photographs. Cash in on that instinctual ability to connect with visual stimuli by incorporating the most meaningful and eye-catching product imaging on your website. If you’re not an expert photographer, don’t worry; we have some of the best product photographers in the digital marketing sphere. Let our artists bring your products to life on the internet for all of your current and prospective customers.  

Mind-Blowingly Fast Loading Speeds

A website can have the most visually appealing design and be brimming with bespoke product photography, but if it doesn’t load quickly or properly, none of that will even get the chance to matter. Website visitors, especially on mobile devices, take two seconds to decide whether or not your site it worth their time. If your site can’t even begin to load within that extremely short window, you’ve already lost that potential customer. Bearpaw has cracked the code for building some of the most beautiful websites that never sacrifice quality in the name of mind-blowingly fast loading speeds. We know how important it is to have an eye-catching site that loads seemingly instantaneously.


E-commerce sites can be a bear. Let Bearpaw handle your complicated e-commerce pages, and we’ll make the transaction process so simple and intuitive that you and your customers will all sigh in relief. We have experience in some of the highest-performing and the industry-leading e-commerce sites on the web. From Magento to Drupal to WooCommerce to Shopify, there’s not an e-commerce site that we’ve met yet that we haven’t been able to whip into tip-top shape.

Highly Intuitive Navigation

Highly intuitive navigation means that everyone—from your three-year-old nephew to your great-grandmother—should be able to flip from one page to the next and never get lost. Bearpaw is deeply committed to the concept that navigation should be absurdly simple, and we have a proven track record of delivering the most easy-to-use websites on the internet for our clients. We’ve found that when you make things simple, you make the customer journey that much more enjoyable for everyone involved.    

Positive, Consistent Interaction

Consistency and positive interactions are two of the keys to an effective website execution and management strategy. Here at Bearpaw, we add a human element to an otherwise impersonal medium. Behind the glow of the screen, there are our friendly associates who are always ready to answer any questions and respond to any requests or reviews. Our website management and customer service are unparalleled by any other digital marketing agencies. We set ourselves apart by caring deeply about every single one of our clients. Your success is our success, so we work day and night to make sure your website stays up-to-date and all of your questions are answered promptly and thoroughly.

All Industries Welcome

No matter your industry, your niche, your specialty, Bearpaw Partners can create a brilliant website that caters specifically to your audience in a way that no other agency can. We have tackled the most challenging of websites, the most particular of topics, and the most pressing of issues. There is no mountain we haven’t climbed, no stone we’ve left unturned. From microscopic stem cells to the aspirations of entrepreneurs, we have seen it all, and we’ve become experts in thousands of topics, far and wide. Our client base is diverse, and we like it that way.