Non-profit The Dyslexia Resource is a non-profit launched by The Schenck School to share resources for struggling readers and now serves as an industry leader in the national dyslexia community. Bearpaw Partners worked with The Dyslexia Resource to develop a multi-faceted approach to elevate its digital marketing strategy and increase brand awareness across the country. … Read more

Education The Schenck School is a private educational institution with a focus on remediating students with language and reading differences located in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Recognizing the need to showcase how their students thrive, develop incredible potential, and successfully move on to traditional instruction, The Schenck School looked to Bearpaw Partners for their digital marketing … Read more

Culinary Tabañero is a leading manufacturer of 100% natural, hand-crafted hot sauces, spice blends, and cocktail mixes in the United States. With a complete brand refresh and website redesign, the company relies on vibrant messaging and imaging to target today’s hot sauce lovers. Branding / Original Content / Photography / SEO / Social Media / … Read more

Sport Universal Tennis Academy (UTA) has had a presence in the Southeast for over 23 years and offers the most comprehensive set of opportunities for tennis players of all ages and levels. Over 30,000 tennis players play at its 14 locations annually, with facilities that include 110 hard courts, 17 clay courts, and 4 indoor … Read more

eCommerce A frustrated mom took her baby’s clothing into her own hands, and Rabbit Skip Road was born. After establishing the branding, Rabbit Skip Road needed a digital marketing agency to create its digital presence. From launching its website to engaging the mommy blogger community, our challenge includes a full digital marketing package.Website Development / … Read more

Cybersecurity For over 65 years, Halocarbon has been the leading producer of high-quality fluorochemicals. Through chemistry and collaboration, this company creates breakthroughs that improve day-to-day lives. Website Development / Paid Search / Search Engine Optimization Website Development A modern take on the old look Halocarbon needed a website to drive conversions via form submissions for … Read more

Cybersecurity ISX is an Identity and Access Management (IAM) consulting firm that uncovers points of vulnerability and constructs complex security frameworks designed to predict, detect, and respond smarter.Website Design / Branding / Original Content / Search Engine Optimization Branding Refreshing the brand Our graphic designers updated the existing outdated soft logo to a modern, bold … Read more

From browsing to buying, every part of your brand’s user journey should be as seamless, enjoyable, and impactful as possible. Specifically, User Experience (UX) refers to the overall experience a person has when interacting with your brand online and includes factors such as your website’s overall site speed, mobile responsiveness, URL structures, and user navigation. The more intuitive your website’s UX is, the more credibility your business earns, the better relationships you form with your target consumers, and the more users talk about and shop your brand. 

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3 Ways to Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

The most effective digital marketing efforts boost sales through two primary routes. The first and most common option focuses on driving more traffic to your website in general. With increased visitors and enhanced visibility, sales should naturally and proportionately increase. While this route is logical and often proven successful, it may be challenging and even expensive. Alternatively, investing in marketing efforts that promote high conversion rates provide your business with a clear avenue to attract valuable customers and elevate sales. With minimal investment and a bit of fine-tuning, your brand can substantially increase conversion rates and, thus, your sales revenue. 

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