Rabbit Skip Road

Website Development
E-Commerce Store
Social Media

A frustrated mom took her baby’s clothing into her own hands, and Rabbit Skip Road was born. After establishing the branding, Rabbit Skip Road needed a digital marketing agency to create its digital presence. From launching its website to engaging the mommy blogger community, our challenge includes a full digital marketing package.

Website Development

E-Commerce Store Optimization

Rabbit Skip Road joined the thousands of e-commerce stores that use a Shopify website. Using a theme, we custom tailored the Rabbit Skip Road website to match the branding and established aesthetic. From theme selection to website copy, Bearpaw Partners created the online business card for Rabbit Skip Road.

As a small start up, Rabbit Skip Road was also in need of a team to maintain inventory, integrate shipping, and handle all customer service needs. Bearpaw Partners is happy to be this leg for Rabbit Skip Road. Also, we consistently optimize the website based on brand marketing needs and SEO needs.

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Product Photography

After the initial brand photoshoot, Rabbit Skip Road needed a team to take all product pictures for digital and print usage. We took all of the product imagery making sure to highlight all the unique benefits the Rabbit Skip Road product has to offer.

Social Media

Utilizing brand photography, custom graphics, and user generated content, we established a presence for Rabbit Skip Road across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. With an emphasis on Instagram, we developed a social strategy for Rabbit Skip Road to penetrate the organic-loving mommy market. In addition to the social strategy, Bearpaw Partners is responsible for creating all imagery and copy, engaging with followers, and joining in on conversations.

Influencer Marketing

To grow the reach of Rabbit Skip Road, a crucial part of our social strategy was influencer marketing. Bearpaw Partners acted on behalf of Rabbit Skip Road to contact dozens of micro-influencers with followings that align with the target demographic. Through this outreach, Rabbit Skip Road increased following, gained loyal customers, and gained high-quality user generated content.