Questions Every Brand Should Ask Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

In a digital-first world, a brand’s online presence has never been more crucial than it is right now. Your brand needs to partner with a digital marketing agency who is capable of effectively communicating and marketing your business to your customers across all channels. Before hiring a digital marketing agency to give your brand an online identity, your team needs to ask a few questions to ensure your brand makes the right choice for your business. Here are three questions every brand should ask before hiring a digital marketing agency.

Who are some of your previous clients?

Ask a potential digital marketing agency about the previous work they have completed for former clients. Gaining insight into the type of clients a digital marketing agency has already worked with can give you a feel for the team’s competency in your business’s field and how qualified the agency is to partner with your brand. Results matter, so ask to see past examples of website builds, SEO strategies and social media efforts. Your brand needs a digital marketing agency that has a rich history of innovative solutions, stunning designs and an aesthetic that matches your brand.

Bearpaw Partners has built an impressive archive of cutting-edge, innovative websites that optimize the user experience complete with all-original content to elevate brand visibility. We are devoted to giving your brand the digital presence it deserves through social media efforts that captivate curiosity and create return customers. Our numbers don’t lie.

What services does your agency offer?

Make sure a potential digital marketing agency offers all of the services your brand needs to become a dominating digital presence in your field. The agency your brand chooses should offer a complete set of digital marketing services including everything from website development and design, original content creation, social media strategies and complete SEO implementation.

Bearpaw Partners is a full-service digital marketing agency that has a team of talented website developers and designers, SEO experts, social media enthusiasts and creative writers who can build your brand a compelling digital presence that is guaranteed to resonate with your customers. When it comes to digital marketing, we have everything you need to set your brand apart from the competition.

How do you estimate costs?

When it comes to finding a digital marketing agency, your brand needs a team of creative innovators who can turn your brilliant idea into a digital masterpiece. However, cost-effectiveness is just as important as the talent, vision and behind-the-scenes work that goes into establishing an impressive digital identity. Ask a potential digital marketing agency how they estimate costs to ensure your brand receives an online presence that connects with your audience at an affordable price.

At Bearpaw Partners, we structure our monthly fees in a way to maximize the ROI for our clients and provide our core services at reasonable rates.  

The way your brand is reflected online has never been more critical to your business than it is right now, and it’s only increasing in importance. Be sure you ask these five questions before hiring a digital marketing agency to expand your brand’s digital identity.

Looking for a talented digital marketing agency to set your brand apart from the competition? Bearpaw Partners is a full-service digital marketing agency in Atlanta that can propel your brand’s online presence, optimize your reach and stay ahead of the competition. Our digital marketing philosophy is simple––we work with your brand to turn your ideas into a compelling digital presence that tells your brand’s story and turns customers into fans. Looking for a digital marketing agency to escalate your brand? Let’s talk!

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