How to Optimize SEO for Voice Search in 2020

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Voice search is here to stay, and it continues to explode in popularity as voice-search devices and personal assistants such as Siri, Google, and Alexa dominate the market. Additionally, cars with voice-activated search are practically becoming standard. These days, if your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy doesn’t involve voice search, you are missing out–big time. As this market continues to expand at a rapid rate, your business will need to shift its focus to ensure that you are properly adjusting your SEO efforts to accommodate these types of searches. Below, we break down the need-to-know statistics, trends, and strategies behind optimizing your digital marketing for voice-initiated searches. 

5 Common Myths About SEO

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Although more and more business owners rely on search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to help their company improve their ranking on search engines, there is still widespread misunderstanding about how SEO works. The myths surrounding SEO may lead business owners to make potentially damaging decisions based on misinformation. The strategies involved in search engine optimization may be confusing at first glance, but an experienced digital marketing agency can help your company utilize validated SEO tactics and find measurable success. Learn more about some of the myths about SEO and how your business can use SEO to your advantage.

Digital Marketing: A Guide to Website Design

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Sophisticated website design is essential for any business to establish a digital presence, build its brand identity, and stand out against its competition. The best companies develop websites that give them an unprecedented awareness and deliver their brand message to optimize their impact and elevate their online identity. Below, we cover all aspects of effective website design for a successful digital marketing campaign. 

Digital Marketing: A Guide to Social Media

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In today’s digital climate, the best businesses establish an outstanding social media presence and execute exceptional marketing campaigns across a wide range of applicable platforms. Successful social media efforts derive from remaining well-versed in your target consumer’s behaviors and crafting engaging, distinct strategies aimed to increase your following and improve your brand awareness. Social media provides a medium of communication and a means to develop the relationship between your brand and its target market. 

Digital Marketing: A Guide to SEO

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SEO implementation is a multifaceted process that requires various techniques and methods to improve a business’s search rankings, attract more organic traffic, maintain high levels of readability for search engines, and increase engagement in target audiences. A holistic approach to developing a winning SEO strategy incorporates extensive crawling and indexing, algorithm research, keyword search work and in-depth performance analysis. Below we break down everything there is to know about SEO in digital marketing. 

Digital Marketing: A Guide to Original Content

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Strong brand recognition and an authoritative voice are integral elements to any digital marketing initiative, and original content is the medium through which these components are conveyed. By establishing consistent, engaging original content, your brand develops a close relationship with its target consumer, and provides them with relevant, topical information regarding your particular market. The most successful businesses leverage the art of storytelling to drive traffic and ultimately facilitate an increase return on investment (ROI). Below, we break down several different types of original content and their individual benefits. 

Digital Marketing: A Guide to Lead Generation

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Successful lead generation uses a variety of tools to ensure predictable, measurable, and dependable growth. This is accomplished by using incentivizing marketing tactics to develop interest further, educate your leads, and encourage them to purchase. The best lead generation services should be tailored to your brand’s goals and your ideal audience’s interests to effectively attract prospective customers, improve conversion rates, and maximize your business’s return on investment (ROI). Below, we dive into detail regarding growing your business through lead generation in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing: A Guide to Email Marketing

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Successful email marketing campaigns require a variety of audience-specific strategies that reinforce your business’s digital marketing strategy to effectively spark new and current consumer interests, strengthen consumer relationships, and increase your ROI. The best companies align a strategic email campaign specific to their target consumers and marketing goals. Below, we break down the essentials of email marketing to contribute to a winning digital marketing campaign. 

Digital Marketing: A Guide to E-Commerce

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E-commerce continues to expand as one of the most popular forms of business, and brands need to establish differentiation today more than ever before. The most prosperous e-commerce companies combine stunning website design with a pleasant user experience to streamline their online processes, increase conversion, and improve brand association. By utilizing a systematic, proven approach to your digital marketing efforts, your e-commerce business can enjoy the spotlight and reap the benefits of satisfied consumers. 

Digital Marketing: A Guide to CRMs

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A CRM organizes and prioritizes customer relationships and data into a single, readily accessible source. By integrating a CRM with your brand’s digital marketing, you implement consistent and effective marketing efforts that benefit both your business and its clients. A successful CRM strategy results in consistent, measurable increases in productivity by offering accurate, up-to-date analytics, sales and marketing automation, and advanced flexibility. The best brands integrate their CRM with their advertising, email, landing pages, and social media.