How to Use Video in Your Business’s Marketing Strategy

It’s no secret–video is a must in any successful business’s digital marketing strategy. Studies show over and over again that video content is the most effective form of marketing, but why? Well, it’s simple really. Video causes emotion, and emotion builds trust. Trustworthy businesses earn more visibility and higher customers. However, there is so much more that makes video marketing a powerful tool to establish trust and optimize your audience’s experience of your brand. Read on to learn more about why video should be a core pillar of your brand’s digital marketing strategy. 

Video in place of in-person introductions

With the onset of the coronavirus in 2020, in-person interactions were significantly limited, if not non-existent. Accordingly, video started to play the biggest role in improving personal connections in modern history, and video content is expected to continue well into the future. Well-produced video introductions offer brands a powerful way to position themselves to target audiences in short, succinct clips that introduce a brand’s mission and deliver the company’s values so audiences can easily watch, digest, and understand. Additionally, a video introduction is a visual connection that provokes an emotional reaction in a way the viewer can truly feel to form a strong relationship with valuable audiences from the moment they come in contact with your business. 

Video in place of virtual meetings

The age of virtual meetings took 2020 by storm, and while virtual calls made it possible for companies to continue business as usual despite global stay-at-home orders, hours on end of virtual meetings take a toll on employees. In fact, studies show that consequences like Zoom fatigue is real and can ultimately affect overall productivity and the general wellbeing of a company’s workers. Similarly, brands spend a significant amount of time virtually meeting with clients and customers to discuss the same topic, answer general questions, or discuss specific aspects of the company’s products or services. Not only does this increase the likelihood of Zoom fatigue, or other similar conditions, but the company also loses valuable time and resources. Consider working with a video production company, like Bearpaw Partners, to formulate a video strategy that addresses these concerns. Produce a video to send to clients or customers that answers questions, deliver brand-specific messages, and strengthens the relationship they have with your business, so your employees can focus on other aspects of customer service. 

Video in place of text

Using video in place of copy on your brand’s website has endless potential in the overall impact your business has on your target market. Specifically, video is so much more effective than text in delivering emotion-heavy sentiments regarding your brand values and the relationships you build with your customers. For instance, instead of writing how you “pride yourselves on customer service,” placing a video on your brand’s website that shows your company interacting with your buyers communicates the same message in a much more powerful way. Through body language, intonation, and real footage, the passion behind and the personality of your brand becomes so much more meaningful to today’s audiences. Partner with a skilled video production company to make sure your brand’s video maximizes the impact your business has on your customers. 

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