What is Search Engine Marketing?

Like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of online marketing strategy used to generate traffic to a brand’s website. While SEO is used to make it easier for search engines to read web pages in order to drive organic traffic to websites, SEM relies on purchasing paid ads in brands’ digital marketing campaigns to increase clicks to web pages. The best digital marketing strategies incorporate both SEO and SEM implementation to maximize a brand’s visibility and expand its reach.

What does SEM include?

SEM is essentially a process of buying traffic to your website through pay-per-click (PPC), display or retargeting ads. PPC advertising means a business pays a fee everytime a user clicks on the ad. Display ads are directed advertisements found in banners on the side or at the top of websites aimed at generating fast and easy conversions. Retargeting advertisements are ads targeted specifically at internet users based on their interests, past searches and internet activity.

Why is SEM so important?

Skilled implementation of SEM is essential to earning more conversions for your business because these ads are primarily linked to landing pages and increased sales. Search ads can also be used as a consistent traffic source for specific keywords even when other marketing tactics shift. Additionally, while SEO can take up to six months to see results, SEM implementation expediates this process because ads are purchased instantly which generates immediate results.

Search Engine Marketing and a Digital Marketing Strategy

A business’s digital marketing strategy is one of the most powerful tools it has to expand its reach and improve its brand identity. The best digital marketing strategies are multi-faceted, customized to the business’s values and target customer, and include the implementation of several different forms of online marketing. Of these different forms of internet marketing, search engine marketing (SEM) is a useful and necessary approach to increase traffic to your website. Your business needs a talented digital marketing agency to optimize your brand’s SEM strategies and elevate your brand’s digital presence.

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