Top 4 Instagram Trends In the Age of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a noticeable shift in the way businesses use social media, and Instagram is no exception. In fact, today, Instagram paves the way for brands to enhance their digital marketing strategy amidst the hindrances of COVID-19. People all over the world remain in their homes, working remotely and adapting to the new norms. As lifestyles have changed dramatically, your brand’s digital marketing approach must accommodate these circumstances in order to best resonate with target audiences. Building connections during times of isolation and uncertainty is challenging but more necessary than ever. Below, we’ve broken down the top four trends on Instagram to take a closer look at how brands can interact with consumers despite the current conditions. 

Free Services

As the world continues to stay home as much as possible and economic hardships arise as a result of these unprecedented conditions, brands gain significant traction, awareness, and respect by providing free content on Instagram. These types of services come in a variety of formats, including seminars, classes, product tutorials, or even simple entertainment. By offering creative and engaging content, your brand can convey authenticity and benefit from a massive reach and enhanced visibility. Additionally, this creates the opportunity for loyal customers down the road and even referrals, as consumers are much more likely to stick with or recommend a brand who has provided them with free, practical services. 


Today’s consumers appreciate transparency and authenticity more than ever before. As everyone carries a smartphone with a high-quality camera, people are used to seeing the faces behind their favorite brands or services. By using Instagram to let your audience in on some behind-the-scenes action, sneak peeks, or exclusive footage such as a “how it’s made” video, your brand can establish or deepen the connection you have with your customers. Give your followers a tour of the office, go Instagram Live on your lunch break, or show them products in the making. This will build trust and help your consumers feel good about your goods or services. 

Instagram Influencers

The use of Instagram influencers has always been a powerful marketing strategy, but the pandemic presents a unique opportunity for brands just now looking into influencers. Instagram influencers are in the same position as your target audience–stuck at home with increased screen time. And just like the rest of the global economy, the influencer market is eager to recover. Now is an opportune time to form connections and collaborations with Instagram influencers who can promote your brand or products to a desired audience. Influencers make niche markets more accessible, as their followers already trust them and their recommendations. 

User-Generated Content

Don’t forget about the consumers on Instagram who are already using and loving your products and services! User-generated content (UGC) is an authentic, compelling form of social media advertising where customers showcase your brand simply because they’re satisfied with the experience or product. Review hashtags, tagged photos, and shared photos from your customers and followers and re-share them to your audience. This incentivizes other customers to create more UGC and can quickly snowball into a free, widespread marketing campaign. In fact, 60% of consumers are motivated to participate in UGC just to have their content “liked” or featured. Take advantage of the loyal customer base you’ve worked hard to establish and share the love. Given the isolating nature of the pandemic, your audience will be especially grateful for this type of feel-good content.

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