Digital Marketing: A Guide to CRMs

A CRM organizes and prioritizes customer relationships and data into a single, readily accessible source. By integrating a CRM with your brand’s digital marketing, you implement consistent and effective marketing efforts that benefit both your business and its clients. A successful CRM strategy results in consistent, measurable increases in productivity by offering accurate, up-to-date analytics, sales and marketing automation, and advanced flexibility. The best brands integrate their CRM with their advertising, email, landing pages, and social media. 


Advertising Integration

A CRM’s advertising integration alleviates any disconnect between the marketing and sales departments, as it ensures that prospects are automatically targeted and distributed to create a reliable, formulated sales process. Campaigns are tagged and assigned to each lead as they’re dispensed to the sales team, and these tags stick with the lead through the close. This collaboration between the sales and marketing teams allows for simple analysis of the performance of each individual ad campaign. Additionally, with successful CRM implementation, your brand can easily gauge ROI and fine-tune marketing and sales methods in real time. The integration creatives at Bearpaw Partners are experts at syncing several different forms of advertising with your CRM. We also work with your brand to interpret results and construct a more optimal strategy.   

Target Ideal Prospects

Depending on where the prospect is in the buying cycle, your advertising integration can send personalized messages that target specific pain points or hesitations that would otherwise keep potential buyers from proceeding. 

Automate Lead Distribution

Advertising integration automatically labels leads the moment the prospect clicks a call-to-action (CTA) or opens an email. By automating lead distribution, you create efficiency in the sales department and improve overall lead quality. 

Easily Analyze ROI

With advertisement integrated into CRM efforts, your business can easily conceptualize and increase ROI. The revenue from closed-won deals is automatically attributed back to the original ad campaign to reveal the success of individual marketing approaches.  

Bearpaw Partners unifies your brand’s advertising with your CRM through advanced tools and programs that are designed to streamline the processes in your marketing and sales departments. In doing so, we implement a systematic process that makes lead distribution, lead conversion, and ROI analysis easier than ever before. The advertising professionals at Bearpaw Partners know how to integrate powerful ads with CRMs to increase productivity from the beginning of the sales cycle to the close. Additionally, we collaborate with you to translate the results and appropriately modify your next campaign. 


Email Integration

Pairing a CRM with your email marketing efforts connect your email ads, CTAs, and other nurturing email campaigns directly to your management software to automatically update new, pertinent information. Your email integration captures data including opens, clicks, and reads, improves awareness and visibility for your sales team. Bearpaw Partners connects your email marketing strategy to your CRM to boost the acquisition of important information, which facilitates more efficient advertising endeavors. Our email marketing specialists create CTAs and ads with your CRM in mind to provide a more productive and straightforward integration.    

Gather Data

As the CRM serves as a unified source of information, integrating your email campaigns allow for the automatic input of up-to-date, accurate data. This assures that client records are current, conclusive, and valid which makes for effective and efficient marketing. 

Gain Insight

Email integration with your CRM notifies your sales reps if a client has already been emailed, if prospects open an email, or if certain email ads get clicked on more than others. With successful CRM implementation, your brand gains useful insight into how your email campaigns perform.

Execute Valuable Campaigns

Using the data in your CRM, email integration produces automated content based on different fields or demographics. As data is gathered in real time, the CRM applies the relevant information to formulate valuable, timely, and personalized email marketing campaigns. 

Bearpaw Partners combines talent and experience to productively integrate your email platforms with your CRM. Our email integration professionals enable your business to quickly collect important, accurate, real-time data. By capturing this information and improving the awareness of your sales and marketing departments, your business can launch automated, targeted email marketing campaigns that maximize your ROI. Bearpaw Partners works closely with your brand to ensure the utmost efficiency of your email marketing integration through analytical expertise and detailed optimization.


Landing Page Integration

Integrating your business’s landing pages with a CRM is an integral tactic to produce successful marketing and sales initiatives. When a prospect hits a landing page, they’ve expressed interest. By integrating landing page hits, forms, and clicks with your CRM, your brand automatically capitalizes on this interest. Landing page integration also allows for the elimination of duplicate leads, the segmentation of prospects, and an overall improvement in your campaign quality and capability. Bearpaw Partners utilizes your landing pages in conjunction with your CRM to secure beneficial information and implement it directly into your branded marketing. We use a variety of landing pages to identify with a number of personalities that enable your CRM to segment leads into concise categories. This results in the production and automatic distribution of personable, engaging advertising content.

Segment Leads

Your landing pages target a multitude of demographics with a variety of offers. Integrating these landing pages with your CRM facilitates the capacity to immediately and automatically classify leads into the correct segments and disperse marketing accordingly. 

Eliminate Duplicates

Landing page integration automatically updates the appropriate fields to avoid complications and maximize sales efficiency by limiting the number of duplicate leads and dials.    

Improve Scalability

By integrating your landing pages with a CRM, you eliminate manual tasks associated with lead creation and outreach. This improves the scalability of operations and allows your business to handle more considerable influxes in traffic. 

Bearpaw Partners uses landing page integration to capture and distribute crucial client data to your marketing team as well as to your sales agents. Without integrating your landing pages with your CRM, manually entered information has a high probability of being lost or misinterpreted. The experts at Bearpaw Partners understand the importance of real-time updates and create innovative ways to use the collected data to automatically generate authoritative, relatable marketing. We utilize your landing page integration to target consumers based on their current activity and feelings and work with your brand to deliver accurate, powerful ads that turn prospects into customers. 

Social Media Integration

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest are necessary marketing platforms for any industry-leading brand. Integrating social media activity with your CRM connects both marketing and sales with your customers on a deeper level. Through social media-CRM integration, your business can automate actions, respond to a variety of triggers, and engage with more prospects. This specified connection drives results by personalizing your marketing campaign. Bearpaw Partners knows the ins and outs of social media, and we use this knowledge to pinpoint prospects based on specific activity and buying signals.

Receive Immediate Updates

By integrating your CRM with your desired social media platforms, your marketers receive immediate updates on the performance of social campaigns. CRM fields are updated in real-time when clients engage with your brand online.

Engage Prospects

By tying social media to your CRM, you gain an awareness of your target audience’s lifestyle and interests. This detailed insight creates new opportunities to start a conversation, revisit current customers, promote referrals, and further brand awareness. 

Automate Actions

Not only does social media integration allow your brand to stay up-to-date on client behavior, but you can also automate actions based on triggers and activity. Accordingly, your integrated CRM can automatically respond with an email, a special offer, or the creation of a task.

Bearpaw Partners integrates your social media with your business’s CRM to optimize your online marketing strategy. We work closely with your brand to determine which aspects of social media are most important to your sales process with the use of state-of-the-art analytics. Once we’ve optimized your social media integration, your brand gains access to real-time data, better talking points, and engaging content ideas. The social media integration professionals at Bearpaw Partners also establish automated actions based on applicable consumer behaviors to streamline your marketing campaigns and boost ROI.  

Your business’s CRM integration produces results through automated marketing campaigns based on efficient, accurate information and effective analytics. By removing human error from the equation, your CRM works hand-in-hand with your websites, ads, emails, landing pages, and social media platforms to maximize the performance of your marketing efforts.


Bearpaw Partners utilizes cutting-edge technology, analytics, and methods to integrate your CRM with all aspects of your day-to-day operations. Our CRM integration enables your brand to target more ideal prospects, automate tedious activity, analyze massive amounts of essential data, improve your overall scalability, and execute more valuable marketing campaigns.

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